Ecommerce Design & Development in Florida

Ecommerce Website Development Services in Florida

With so many critical operations in your business that rely mostly on the Internet, you need a web development team that you can fully trust and depend on.

Putting up a webshop opens great opportunities for companies venturing into the Internet world. It is a necessary step to make a strong online presence, reach out a wider audience, and attain global competitiveness. Other benefits of entering the E-commerce circle through online shops include:

  • 24/7 availability of services to all customers
  • Time-saving on uploading and customizing products
  • Convenient payment and shipping transactions
  • Easier management of reports and inventory
  • Higher opportunity for traffic, sales, and ROI
  • And many more


You can’t successfully run your Magento online store without a highly-equipped developer to support you. Should you hire an agency or a freelance developer? Hiring either a Magento development agency or a freelance Magento developers have its pros and cons.

Be aware that freelancers can only do so much while web agencies have project managers who can ensure that your deliverables are served on time. Although freelancers may cost way cheaper than agencies, agencies can do a better job in catering to most of your web design and development needs.


AOC puts top-quality service and customer satisfaction as our top priorities. We are a web development company based in Florida that help varying types of entrepreneurs achieve their dream websites – from small scale businesses to large corporations, including small and medium-sized enterprises or SMEs.

We take pride in our well-trained and highly experienced web developers, designers, and professionals. For many years, we have produced online shops that effortlessly attract leads, clients, and sales. With us, our clients receive top-quality services while enjoying cost-effective and affordable rates.

Looking for a reliable web development company from Florida? You have found it! Contact us and get started with your dream project.

However, to benefit from all the pros an online shop can bring, you have to invest in exceptional web services. Website design and development is a tedious and full-fledged task to accomplish. To create a good and successful website, you’ll need a skilled, experienced, and reliable web developer.

Always Open Commerce (AOC) is a one-stop web development company based in Florida that specializes in customized Magento and WordPress development, and E-commerce and other web services. With our dynamic team of certified web designers and developers, we help bring out the maximum potential of our clients’ businesses in the online world by producing top-quality, cost-effective, and professionally designed websites and extensions.

We help businesses venture into E-commerce with an exceptional platform, Magento. Magento is the leading E-commerce platform in developing successful online shops across the world.


Magento is an open-source platform launched in 2008. At present, it is trusted by over 240,000 online merchants worldwide. Unlike other one-size-fits-all E-commerce platforms, it offers unlimited flexible features to create custom-made top-quality shopping websites. Magento was designed to address varying E-commerce needs of different business types. No matter what the size of your business is, Magento can fully adapt. Magento offers companies the ultimate solution for every E-commerce need imaginable.

Magento’s open-source feature offers completely flexible options you can customize to meet all your specific online business’s needs and requirements. With Magento, you have complete control over the overall aesthetic, functionality, and content of your online store.

  • Magento is the only E-commerce platform that freely offers an open software license OSL 3.0 available for download. This feature allows online merchants and Magento developers to freely modify or customize the software code to further enhance Magento.
  • Page load speeds and query processing times greatly affect the buying decision of potential customers. With Magento, these and other performance parameters are no problem. Magento emerges on top of other E-commerce platforms regarding high performance.
  • A search-engine optimized online shop has the power to attract more potential shoppers to your web shop. Magento’s SEO-friendly apps and features can give you an edge over your competitors. No other E-commerce platform has this besides Magento.
  • Magento offers mobile commerce ready features to help your business keep up with the emerging mobile movement. It has a mobile HTML5 pre-integration, device-specific media capabilities, etc. that result in a seamless mobile-responsive online store.
  • Because Magento is an open-source platform, there’s a large community of web developers making sure that Magento is always up to date and working excellently. More than that, Magento Help is always readily available.