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Congratulations, you survived 2018. Pat yourself on the back, it’s no small feat.

Aside from being the fourth hottest year on record, 2018 saw numerous declines, particularly countries which were already struggling for the past couple of years. Worldwide pollution and traffic indices have worsened, according to statistics by Numbeo. Cyclones have become nastier; inflation rates skyrocketed in some economies, and headwinds of political and religious instability barraged the world in 2018. Is there any reason left to stay positive in 2019? Yes, a lot! Never mind those New Year resolutions; we list some of the good things to expect this 2019 and why it should be your year of success. Let’s go!

2019 is going to be the year of crazy techs

Self-driving cars? Foldable phones? Augmented or virtual reality? They’re great, but not revolutionary. What will define 2019 in the field of tech is 3D printing. Expect this awesome tech to come into the mainstream on later quarters of the year. And hey, we’re talking about 3D bioprinting—for your new arms or whatever parts you’re missing; advanced 3D metal printing which will *gasps* cancel out traditional manufacturing in the long run, benefitting not just our rivers and streams but our lungs as well; and an even more accessible 3D printing at home. A new industry is about to be born.

What can this mean for you? As the famed lyricist and poet Paulo Coelho said, everything around you “conspires” to help you achieve success. You might open up your own business anytime this year, with all this tech popping out from nowhere—there’s a gazillion of ideas waiting to be picked up. Daring the odds are not without its risks, but success never comes to those who just wait for the apple to fall. Take advantage of the new techs and industries rising up, and let time do the unfolding.

2019 is going to be the year without a recession—most likely

2018 was the year the world felt for the last time the crippling effects of ’08 global financial crisis (GFC). This year will be a fresh start for most economies affected by the ’08 recession. Steve Rick, chief economist for insurance and investment firm CUNA Mutual Group, retains a bullish forecast for the world economy in 2019. “Global economy will grow at around 2.3 percent. It may not seem much, but that is still above the long-run average,” he said. “So 2019 will be a very good year.”

The ongoing U.S.-China trade war could have some effect on capital spending by companies in 2019, but that wouldn’t hurt the economy overall. There is a growing purchasing power in the middle-class sector, consumer confidence is high, and consumer spending will finally gain momentum throughout the year. “Right now there is so much momentum behind the economy that there is very little chance of a recession coming before 2020—barring a ‘black swan’ event that can’t be predicted or forecasted,” Rick assured.

Yay, that’s really great news! It could mean better circumstances for your career shift or higher yields for your business expansion. There is technically nothing to worry about the economy; no signs of an imminent recession are being observed. Risks of falling into debt due to higher interest rates are at their lowest since the peak of the global financial crisis in 2008. The US stock market remains robust, jobs are growing, and real estate markets are finally picking up the pieces of what’s left of the 2008 housing market meltdown. To be precise, 2019 will be a return to normal.

And that is one big reason to believe that 2019 will be your year of success. As a bonus, we’ll give you five practical tips on how you can take advantage of these positive forecasts.

  • Get up early – most successful people follow a strict schedule. Getting up early gives you time to get ahead.
  • Get in touch with someone you have not spoken to in a while – being too consumed in our daily lives is never healthy. Be it a friend or potential business partner, giving someone a call may reduce tension, research shows.
  • Read news daily – our brain is thrilled every time we learn new information. And no better way to stay mentally sharp than to read at least 3-4 articles of new every day, preferably early.
  • Write a note – keeping a personal journal update would be nice, but just writing something down can relieve piled-up stress. You might be surprised how it makes you think differently about what you’re writing.
  • Stay connected with your inner child – go out and do some arcade games, or run with your dog while crunching autumn leaves under your feet. Chances are, you still find this remarkably satisfying.


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