20 Google Hangouts Hidden Emojis You Can Use

Want to juice up your regular Google Hangouts conversations? There are hidden animated emoticons and emojis you can use to improve your Hangouts experience.

Conversations solely about work can be a tad bit boring. Sure, there are already a bunch of accessible emojis on Google Hangouts. But, there are still a few unlisted or secret animated emojis you can use to impress your colleagues.


By merely typing in their corresponding secret codes, you can access and make use of these hidden or secret emojis. So, without further ado, here are 20 Google Hangouts hidden emojis you to help you pep up your Gchat conversations:


  1. LMAO

Code: LMAO!!


When you feel like laughing so hard into the conversation, just type in the LMAO secret code and add at least two exclamation points to activate the emoji animation.


After typing “LMAO!!”, a laughing fox and duck combo animation will pop out. It can also pop as a yellow emoji bursting in laughter on the left side of your chat window.


  1. WOOT

Code: woot!!


Feel like celebrating a successful pitch, a promotion, a closed business deal, or some random good news? Share the celebration with the woot emoji animation.


Take note of the two exclamation points in typing the “woot!!” code so the cheering fox and duck will appear. A yellow cheering emoji animation can also pop out.



Code: /pitchforks


Are you receiving a message you don’t really agree on? You can show your objection and disagreement with the “/pitchforks” code and bring a whole mob with you.


Send your friend a huge mob of your instant allies – villagers carrying fire torches and pitchforks running back and forth the chat window upon typing “/pitchforks”.



Code: /ponies


When you feel like the mundane things in the workplace are boring you, a colorful pony running across your Google Hangouts window might make the difference.


Type “/ponies” to trigger a tiny and colorful pony to pop up in the chat box. Besides your own entertainment, it may also put a smile on a coworker’s also boring day.



Code: /ponystream


If a single pony isn’t enough to entertain you, then, an endless stream of galloping ponies might do the magic. Typing in “/ponystream” will trigger the command.


An endless stream of cute and colorful ponies galloping back and forth your Gchat window will appear upon typing the code and will disappear once you retype it.


Code: /shydino


Feeling introverted on some days? Or, maybe feeling shy about an idea or pitch you need to present? Just type the “/shydino” keyword to signal how you’re feeling.


It will appear as a tiny green dinosaur sliding across your screen that will go into hiding behind an even tinier yellow house. Retype the code, and it’ll disappear.



Code: Happy Birthday!!


Is one of your Google Hangouts friends celebrating his or her special day? Level up from simple “happy birthday” chats and send birthday greetings the unique way.


Typing “Happy Birthday!!” on Gchat can help you send the celebrant an animated birthday cake and present. Take note of the two exclamation points to make it work.


  1. ROFL

Code: ROFL!!


Did your colleague or friend crack a joke that hit your funny bone? Another way to fully express your laughter and merriment is through the “ROFL” emoji.


By typing “ROFL!!”, a yellow emoji laughing close to its tears will pop up your chat box. Take note that two exclamation points are needed to make it appear.



Code: woohoo!!


Do you want to express your delight or excitement over something? A concert of your favorite band perhaps? Just use the hidden “woohoo” animated emoji.


Type “woohoo!!” in the chat and you’ll see an animated cheerful yellow emoji raising its fists in the air to celebrate with you your merriment and cheer you on.



Code: Happy New Year


Whether it’s a new calendar year, a new chapter in your life, or another year at work, then, it’s best to express yourself with a “Happy New Year” emoji animation.


Just type the “Happy New Year” phrase any time during the year to celebrate. It will lead to an animated fox and duck duo dancing with trumpets and fireworks.


  1. CRAB

Code: V.v.V


Feeling crabby because of too much work load or stress? Well, using the “crab” emoticon might just be the best way to sneakily express your crabby feelings.


There’s more to the available animal emoticons on Google Hangouts. By typing in “V.v.V”, you can unveil and use the hidden cute crab emoticon on Hangouts.



Code: ↑↑↓↓←→←→ B A


Remember the old school video games you used to play as a kid? The “Konami Code” you used to enter for power ups can now be used for Google Hangouts.


The “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A” code can transform your dull and gray Gchat background to a vibrant and refreshing view of a mountainside.



Code: /bikeshed


Is the typical gray background of Gchat boring you? You can now change the background color of your Gchatbox window to your preference by typing in “/bikeshed”.


Just type the code repeatedly to change the background color until it changes to the hue that you like. It can either be blue, purple, pink, orange, green, or mustard.



Code: Happy Easter


Do you want to send Easter-related animated emojis at any time of the year? If you do, you just need to include the “Happy Easter” phrase in your message.


Doing this will make a bouncing and dancing bunny appear on your chat window. It can also appear as an Easter egg – a cute little chick coming out from its shell.



Code: xoxoxoxo


Is love month approaching or you just want to send a unique animated emoji to your beau? Typing “xoxoxoxo” can fill your Gchat window screen with romance.


Entering four sets of “xo” will make animated hearts appear on the screen. It can also be seen as an animated lovestruck emoji on the left side of the chat box.


  1. YAY

Code: yay!!


Have you successfully accomplished a tedious task or got a commendation from your boss? Share your merriment through chat with a YAY emoji animation.


Just type in “yay” and add no less than two exclamation points to trigger the command. Then, a cheering yellow animated emoji will pop up to cheer you on.


  1. LOL

Code: lolololol


Did you find something funny that doesn’t seem to fit well with the “ROFL” or “LMAO” animated emoji? Then, the “LOL” may be the most appropriate to use.


Laugh out loud virtually with a friend. Just use “lolololol” anywhere in your message and a giggling and laughing yellow emoji will appear and pop up your chat box.


  1. HAHA
    Code: hahahaha


Are you having a bad day and wanting to cheer yourself up? Or, you found something to laugh about? You better use the hidden “HAHAHAHA” emoticon for that.


Enter at least four sets of “ha” to decode an animated yellow emoji that keeps on laughing heartily either on the center of your Gchat screen or on its leftmost corner.


  1. HEHE

Code: hehehehehehe


A “HEHE” is a much more covert form of laughter. It can also be used to express mild amusement. You can unveil this hidden emoji during these moments.


Typing in six sets of “he” can make the “HEHE” animated giggling emoji pop up your chat window. You can also retype it to show the chuckling fox and duck duo.



Code: /shruggie


Do you feel like you’re running out of words to say? Or, you just don’t feel like agreeing with a message sent to you? Then, use the hidden “shruggie” emoticon.


You can make this underutilized shrug emoji appear in your Gchat by typing “/shruggie”. After entering the secret code, the text will turn to this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


Google Hangouts’ hidden emojis are secrets no more. So, it’s time to impress your colleagues and Google friends by incorporating these emojis to express yourselves better and make usual Gchats fun and entertaining. Make Google hangouts better with emoticons!

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