Bedding stock has been in memory foam mattress retail for over 30 years. It offers more than just superior quality and top notch designed mattresses. Bedding Stock doesn’t merely sell mattresses. It aims to help people to experience better sleep to help them achieve healthier, happier, and better lives.


Bedding Stock wanted to further expand its business in the Internet world, so it partnered with Always Open Commerce to establish its online presence through digital marketing, build and manage its e-commerce store, and have its wide range of mattress products listed on Amazon and eBay marketplaces.


A user-friendly yet stylish interface is prioritized for the website and its mini sites on Amazon and eBay to make online shopping more enjoyable and convenient for mattress shoppers. The website interface includes a special products carousel, a jQuery pop-up frame for the compare items list, inner view features on the product pages, a one-step checkout extension, etc.


The Bedding Stock website was developed with the Magento platform while its blog page is created with WordPress. The website is also crafted with responsive technology and works with different screen types and sizes.