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AOC only charges for actual work performed. All billed hours are logged & trackeed in our Hub Staff account. Clients have access to view at anytime for complete transparency.

Smart Pricing

Of Our Services

Less Than $500

Monthly Spend


Monthly Spend


Monthly Spend


Monthly Spend

Web Developer/Programmer $25 $23 $20

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Project/Team Manager $22 $20 $17
Graphic Designer $22 $20 $17
SEO Specialist $20 $18 $16
Social Media $18 $16 $14
Content Writer $18 $16 $14
Customer Service Specialist $14 $12 $10
Data/Research Analyst $12 $10 $8
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Know The Difference

Just a bird's eye view on how we do things differently


  • Supervision and control issues
  • Lack of focus and priority
  • Risk of development hell

Always Open COmmerce

  • Transparent and flexible
  • Effective task delegation
  • Proper project management
Our powerhouse team of web developers, graphic designers, SEO experts, content writers, and digital marketers will be working with you to ensure that your project is well-taken care of. However, hiring for any of these positions can be extremely costly, let alone an entire team of professionals.
But with Always Open Commerce, our straightforward pricing allows you to get the high quality of work an in-house team can provide you at a much lesser expense.

Say hello to our team from the Philippines

Hailed as the world's central hub for outsourcing services, the Philippines is cost-efficient, highly competent, and nearly unrivaled when it comes to the quality of their work. Filipinos are among the most fluent English speakers, and their attention to detail is top-notch.

Because you need to grow your team, not your payroll.