Product Information Management

Product Information Management used to be a one-person job. Today, PIM involves everyone from data administrators to online marketers to get your products out there and keep them updated.

Why selling more is even better with Akeneo

Reduced Product Returns

• With a reliable PIM system like Akeneo, you make things right even before you start selling. Akeneo’s core function ensures that every piece of product information that reaches your customers is correct, consistent, and complete.

• This is important because if B2B buyers and end-consumers don’t feel like they can trust the product information you’re providing them, they will likely abandon their purchase or make a product return.

Compelling Customer Experiences

• Thanks to Akeneo’s seamless channeling of product information across multiple e-commerce platforms, customers can now enjoy shopping experiences that feel a lot closer, and sometimes even better, to brick-and-mortar stores.

• These amazing experiences compel shoppers to become bulk buyers and transform first-time customers into lifelong fans.

Increased Conversion Rates

• As Akeneo improves your customer experiences and reduces your returns, your business reaps collective benefits through increased conversion rates and ultimately: greener revenues.

• Akeneo users have reported increases in conversion rates of up to 400%

These companies sold millions of their products with Akeneo

Akeneo is trusted by over 500 companies worldwide.

Let’s start selling more of your products today with Akeneo

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