Hiring freelancers are great for a short-term project or one long term task, but not suitable for running & growing a e-commerce business. We know from experience.

Like all decisions there are pro’s & con’s to our services vs. hiring in house. Our system is not the right fit for every business, but we do have a proven track record for success & even offer a risk free 30 day trial.

We have been in business for over 7 years.

All billed work is logged & tracked in our Hubstaff account & clients can log in and view all activity; including screenshots at any time.

All AOC team members are paid salary, which means we have no incentive to spend any longer on a task than what is required. This is different from working with freelancers as they are only paid for actual work performed & have been known to milk the clock.

For any pricing plan you choose, we bill monthly after the actual work has been performed. To know in-depth about our pricing plans and billing, please visit our Pricing page.

If you believe you were billed in error then please contact us & if we are in the wrong we will of course make it right.

Even though you will have multiple team members working on your account; you will only have one point of contact in our office. The project/team manager assigned to your account will handle all your requests & then assign to the appropriate team member.

Most clients prefer to email in their tasks, so we have a help desk setup to receive all incoming tasks each day via email. However, if you have another method you prefer we will be happy to comply.