Project Manager

Plays the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling projects and tasks. Coordinates client requests to other team members and provides quality control. Main point of contact in the AOC office for all client communications.


Writes and edits code to implement UX designs on the e-commerce platform. Works with server maintenance, database, and 3rd party application to ensure a smooth online store experience. BigCommerce certified and experienced with Stencil.

UX Designer

Responsible for the visuals, graphics, and layout of the online store. Assists with the navigation, usability, and overall user experience – factors that help turn users into customers. Provides designs for marketing efforts; email, print, banners, landing pages and marketplaces.

Data Administrator

Works on all product data touch points. Experienced using and implementing Product Information Manager (PIM) and is an expert in Excel functions and formulas. Collaborates with 3rd parties to ensure a smooth data migration when needed.

Marketplace Pro

Creates, manages, and optimizes listings and inventories for different marketplaces such as Amazon, E-bay, and Walmart. Also monitors, analyzes, and reports metrics and sales. Experienced with Channel Advisor, M2E Pro, Solid Commerce, & Sell Brite.

SEO Specialist

Analyzes, reviews, and implements changes to sites so they are optimized for search engines. Coordinates with content writers to develop keywords to increase site traffic.

Marketing Coordinator

Responsible for running marketing campaigns on multiple platforms to boost revenue. Consolidates the efforts of different specialists. Also helps manage social media, email campaigns, and rewards/loyalty programs. Does not handle clients PPC campaigns.

Content Writer

Creates, edits, and publishes written content for a variety of digital platforms. Works on sites, blogs, emails, social media posts, articles, features, newsletters, infographics, & landing pages. Researches verticals and topics before writing content.

Manual Entry

Enters data, maintains databases and client files, updates customer accounts, and product descriptions. Prepares source data for computer entry by sorting information. Assists with data cleaning, organizing, and normalizing.

Account Manager

Responsible for sales and onboarding new clients. Operates as the lead point of contact for any matters regarding accounts high level business decisions. Works daily to improve staff efficiency. Provides clients with a different perspective and FUD free feedback.

What AOC Is Not

A piece of software, an app, a team of freelancers, a development agency that just builds websites or a marketing agency that manages AdWords campaigns.

What AOC Is

An e-commerce focused BPO agency that provides staffing solutions for SMB’s that have outgrown freelancers and can’t afford to hire in-house or traditional BPO’s.

What A BPO Is

Business Process Outsourcing is a practice in which one organization hires another company to perform a process task that the hiring organization requires for its own business to operate successfully. In the Philippines, the BPO industry produces revenue upwards of $50 billion annually and processes tasks for some of the top companies in the world.