Our Team

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and
working together is success.

– Henry Ford


Founder/Account Manager

A savvy entrepreneur with a hands-on approach to everything he does,  Steve leads the team with efficiency and dedication. He loves learning new things daily. Talkative and passionate about business and life he’ll never shy away from a meeting. Off the clock Steve likes playing golf, basketball, and traveling the world.


Office Manager/Data Specialist

The Data specialist, a force to be reckoned with in data administration and information management. With her expertise in marketing, shipment, and payment integrations, she navigates complex datasets to optimize business operations. When she’s not developing innovative solutions, Diana immerses herself in the pages of books and webtoons.


Project Manager

A skilled professional and the client’s primary point of contact throughout each project. With her wealth of experience and expertise, Vianca meticulously plans, monitors, and quality checks all aspects of our projects to ensure they exceed the clients’ expectations. Outside of work, Vianca spends time with her pets, collects funko pops, and is a swiss watch enthusiast.


Sales Representative

A dedicated Sales Rep who demonstrates exemplary performance in responding to client inquiries and generating new leads. With her proactive approach and keen understanding of customer needs, Maj expandis our clientele base. Maj finds solace in playing Call of Duty, watching True Crime documentaries, and spending time with her friends and cat.


Senior Developer

A senior web developer who has mastered multiple eCommerce platforms with finesse. As a devoted husband and father of two, Jaybee effortlessly strikes a balance between his professional responsibilities and family life. In his downtime, basketball serves as Jaybee’s preferred sport, offering him the perfect outlet to unwind.


Senior Developer

Roeland, Tics to his colleagues, is a seasoned web developer with a wealth of experience in handling back-end and front-end customization and optimization. Outside of work, he indulges in leisurely activities such as reading light novels or immersing himself in online gaming experiences.



A skilled developer in creating visually appealing and seamlessly functioning websites across platforms such as BigCommerce, WordPress, and Shopify. Aris has the ability to bring any online idea to life with precision and flair. Outside of work, Aris enjoys embracing adventure by hitting the open road on his motorcycle or taking leisurely strolls with his beloved dog.



A talented developer with a specialization in BigCommerce development and bug fixing. Maxx’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of a project is thoroughly examined and optimized. Beyond professional pursuits, Maxx finds solace in gazing up at the night sky, where he discovers astronomical objects that spark wonder.



A developer with a strong focus on data manipulation, UI design, and resolving visual bugs for his clients. Gino’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve is evident in his constant study of emerging technologies such as React and Svelte. He keeps up with the latest trends in the industry to ensure that he can offer top-notch solutions to his clients while also building his own personal apps.




Senior Designer

A seasoned Lead UI/UX Designer with a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise. With a keen eye for detail, he crafts user-centric digital experiences that look visually appealing and function seamlessly. In addition to his professional endeavors, AL is an accomplished visual artist who explores digital art as a medium of expression.



A talented UI/UX Designer, renowned for his ability to seamlessly blend creativity with technical expertise to deliver visually striking and user-friendly designs. His innovative approach set him apart in the industry. Despite being introverted by nature, Myles finds solace in traveling to new destinations and immersing himself in different cultures, drawing inspiration from his experiences.


SEO Specialist

As a skillful SEO Specialist, Manuel is dedicated to enhancing website performance and driving organic traffic through strategic optimization techniques. With his expertise in auditing, keyword research, and backlink creation, Manuel delivers outstanding results. Outside of his profession, Manuel cherishes quality time spent with his children and enjoys exploring the culinary arts in his kitchen.


Marketing Coordinator

A dynamic and innovative Marketing Coordinator professional dedicated to designing marketing strategies authentically representing your brand’s voice and increasing conversions. Melissa excels in conducting thorough market research and analyzing metrics to pinpoint potential opportunities to elevate visibility. Beyond her work, Melissa finds joy in watching basketball games and immersing herself in captivating drama series.


Marketplace/CRO Pro

A seasoned Conversion Optimization Pro who excels at conducting comprehensive UI/UX and CRO Audits to pinpoint potential issues hindering optimal performance. Kevin evaluates every element of a website or platform and optimizes them accordingly to drive desired actions from users. When he’s not immersed in data analysis and optimization techniques, Kevin finds solace in listening to music and attending live performances of his favorite artists.


Content Writer

A committed professional who delves deep into our clients’ brands to craft compelling and informative articles to communicate their message. With a knack for storytelling, Finny ensures that each piece is optimized to spread accurate information and engage readers. Beyond writing, Finny enjoys connecting with others through online gaming, forming friendships with individuals from diverse backgrounds.


Billing Staff

A meticulous billing staff member who consistently prioritizes accuracy and efficiency. She understands the importance of providing top-notch billing service, ensuring that all invoices are processed correctly and in a timely manner. When she’s not at work, Melody enjoys spending time with her family, particularly her daughter, cherishing every moment she can share with them.


Office Assistant

A zealous office assistant who brings a high level of dedication and enthusiasm to her role. With a primary goal of ensuring smooth operation for our workplace, she goes above and beyond to support her team in every way possible. Jolina’s attention to detail and efficiency allow her colleagues to focus on their core responsibilities without distraction. Jolina finds joy in spending quality time with her daughter.

When freelancers and agencies couldn’t get the job done

After graduating UCF in 2008, I was promoted to store manager for an independent brick and mortar retailer in Florida. Within a year the housing bubble popped, they closed their doors, and I was out of a job.

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