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We only charge for actual work performed, so below monthly prices are not fixed. Our clients can access and view all billed hours in our Hub Staff account at any time. No hidden fees, no surprises, no contracts.

Skill Set

Dedicated Staff



On Call

Developer $15 $25 $25

Contact Us For

UX Designer $15 $25 $25
Product Data Admin $15 $25 $25
Project Manager $15 $25 $25
SEO $15 $25 $25
Marketing $12 $15 $15
Content Writer $12 $15 $15
Social Media $12 $15 $15
Data Research $12 $15 $15
Manual Entry $12 $15 $15
US Account Manager Included Included* Included Not Included

Smart Pricing

Of Our Services

Less Than A$850

Monthly Spend


Monthly Spend


Monthly Spend


Monthly Spend

Web Developer/Programmer A$43 A$40 A$35

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Customized Quote

Project/Team Manager A$38 A$35 A$29
UX/Graphic Designer A$38 A$35 A$29
SEO Specialist A$35 A$31 A$28
Social Media A$31 A$28 A$24
Content Writer A$31 A$28 A$24
Customer Service Specialist A$24 A$21 A$17
Data/Research Analyst A$21 A$17 A$14
US Account Manager - - FREE
All clients receive a Work Summary
& Invoice at the end of each month.

Why We Are Worth More Than Freelancers

Hiring freelancers are great for short term work or for one long term task. However, attempting to grow & then run a e-commerce business with freelancers presents many challenges. Trust us we learned the hard way!

Why We Charge More Than Freelancers

Hourly Rates Include More Than Just Salary

Why The Philippines?

Why We Save You Money vs. Hiring In House

Employers pay more than just the salaries of their employees. Calculating actual labor rates is complex and several variables need to be taken into consideration. However, according to Joe Hadzima, a Senior Lecturer at MIT a simple formula can be used to calculate the actual cost of an employee. Taking into consideration basic salary, taxes and benefits, the real costs of your employees can be as much as 1.4 times base salary.

Why One Person Can't Do It All

Most non-technical clients make the mistake of trying to find one person to run their entire e-commerce business. Why is this a mistake? Development, programming, graphic design, marketplaces, social media, marketing, SEO, content writing, & data administration require different skills sets so it is unrealistic to expect one person to handle these tasks. Even more unrealistic at any monthly salary under $5,000.

With AOC you get an entire team of college educated, experienced professionals for less than the price of one person in house.

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