Coastal Green Wellness Successfully Migrated their Shopify Site to BigCommerce

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Theme Development Custom Design
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Their backstory

Coastal Green Wellness is a beacon of empowerment in cannabis education. Their passion for the plant and its potential benefits drives every aspect of their business, from their products to the information they provide. Founded in 2017, Coastal Green Wellness made history as South Carolina’s first dedicated CBD retail location.
Coastal Green Wellness found a portion of their product offerings removed in their current platform. This aided the decision to rebuild their website on BigCommerce, a reliable, flexible, and scalable platform.


What they asked

Coastal Green Wellness asked to migrate their website from Shopify to BigCommerce, replicating each web page with painstaking detail. From the sleek design of the home page to the organized layout of the category pages, every element had to be seamlessly transferred over. Even crucial sections such as finding a retailer and understanding the shipping policy needed to be recreated flawlessly.
It was a task that required precision and expertise, ensuring that every aspect of their online presence remained intact throughout the transition process.


How we did it

We reviewed the client's store and assessed which features could be seamlessly transferred over to BigCommerce. After conducting a thorough analysis, we clearly outlined elements that could be replicated and which needed to be reconfigured.
Upon completing the development of every page, we presented them to the client for review. Our team made sure to address any concerns or feedback provided by the client promptly and efficiently, ensuring that their vision was accurately represented in each aspect of their new online store experience.



With the implementation of optimized visuals and CTAs on the Coastal Green Wellness website, site engagement has significantly increased. The strategic use of quality images showcasing the natural beauty of coastal landscapes has captivated visitors. Compelling calls-to-action have guided users seamlessly through the site, leading to higher click-through rates and conversions. Improving site speed and introducing new features, we have enhanced user experience, driving longer sessions and repeat visits.