Motion Media Revamps Transactional Email Templates and BigCommerce Store Pages

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Theme Development Custom Design
UX Improvement
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Project Manager
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Their backstory

Motion Media is all about providing top-notch software and hardware solutions for 3D animation, visual fx, graphics, and creative finishing. Their goal is to be the go-to partner offering tools that not only boost their creativity but also fit within budget. Motion Media understands the importance of having the right resources to bring visions to life.
Motion media needed to have their transactional emails and BigCommerce store pages updated for better user experience.


What they asked

Motion Media asked for a complete transformation of their BigCommerce pages. Their main goal is to revamp the Transactional email templates and pages of their store, all while making the switch from SHOGUN to the BigCommerce Page Builder.
This project is about updating visuals, enhancing user experience, and creating a seamless online shopping journey for customers. With this request, they elevated their brand image and stayed updated.


How we did it

Our team conducted a meticulous evaluation of every aspect, from design to functionalities. We meticulously estimate the completion time, taking into account all variables and potential challenges that may arise
Our designer enhances the UI/UX for a seamless and intuitive user experience, following thorough approval from the client. Once the design is finalized, we initiate the development process for each page, carefully crafting every element to align with the client's vision and brand identity.



Updating transactional email templates and online store pages maintains customer engagement and ensures resources are up to date. Refreshing these elements provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. This proactive approach increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.