TYE Medical Transformed BigCommerce Store with a Fresh UI/UX

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Collaboration:  Hubstaff Task

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Theme Development Custom Design
UX Improvement
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Project Manager
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Their backstory

TYE Medical stands proudly as part of a multinational organization with over five decades of experience. With a steadfast commitment to quality, TYE Medical takes their Corporate Philosophy seriously, focusing on Future Development through a Long-Term Vision and Infinite Transformations. This dedication allows them to continually evolve dynamically, ensuring that their products meet and exceed expectations in improving health and enhancing the quality of life for individuals worldwide.
TYE Medical asked for a total overhaul of their website's user interface and user experience, as well as a refresh of the overall theme.


What they asked

Tye Medical wanted a complete site redesign, with a focus on updating the user experience throughout. From the homepage to product pages, every aspect of the website needed to be revamped to better serve their customers. This meant changing the layout and design elements, as well as improving navigation, functionality, and overall usability. With this request in mind, our team set out to create a seamless and intuitive online experience that would enhance engagement and drive conversions.
With compelling calls-to-action strategically placed throughout the site to prompt users to take desired actions in a seamless and effective manner. Whether it's encouraging visitors to sign up for our newsletter or make a purchase, our strategic placement ensures that users are always one click away from engaging with the web content.


How we did it

We reviewed the client's store and assessed which features could be seamlessly transferred over to BigCommerce. After conducting a thorough analysis, we clearly outlined elements that could be replicated and which needed to be reconfigured. 
Upon completing the development of every page, we presented them to the client for review. Our team made sure to address any concerns or feedback provided by the client promptly and efficiently, ensuring that their vision was accurately represented in each aspect of their new online store experience.



Implementing the updated theme and fresh UI/UX design results in a seamless user experience that captivates and engages users from the moment they land on the website or app. The visually appealing design elements, intuitive navigation, and streamlined functionality work together to enhance usability and drive increased user interaction.
This transformation elevates brand perception and sets a new standard for digital excellence. Overall, the outcome of this strategic update is a sophisticated and modern digital presence that leaves a lasting impression on users while delivering tangible business results.