Smarter Together

Want to know the core of AOC’s winning formula for e-commerce success? The short answer is: you need to have an e-commerce manager. We’ll show you in a jiffy how it works. Let’s go!

To put it simply, an e-commerce manager’s role is to…

  • Supervise all activities involved in an e-commerce business
  • Oversee web designing, web development, and data management
  • Closely communicate with other team members for progress monitoring
  • Create schedules and timetables
  • Allocate budget effectively

Did you know?

Aside from oversight and quality control, the main focus of an e-commerce manager is conversion. It’s the process of attracting visitors to your website and converting them into sales. That means higher revenue and greener profit!

E-Commerce Team Map

An overview of how our teams interact.

Explainer: The core function of AOC is to ‘complement’ and provide reliable e-commerce solutions for your in-house team. As illustrated above, a coordinated interaction between our two teams would only be possible through the effective communication between our Project Managers & your E-com Manager. We strongly recommend all clients assign someone internally that understands their business. An e-com manager does not need to be tech savvy, but they should have a sales or marketing background & understand the business inside & out.

A responsible e-commerce manager is effective in making timely responses, rallies the team in achieving the best results, and has the initiative to create solutions and back-up plans.

Let’s work on your success together!