How Does AOC Compare to Hiring

For startups, hiring freelancers is an attractive option as developer rates are extremely competitive. The below top 3 results were
taken directly from Upwork.

Freelance developers can be found and hired for $10 an hour which is far less than what AOC charges. So why are we showing you rates that are less than ours?

Because, we not only started out as an e-commerce furniture company using freelancers, but employ several former freelancers who also no longer found it as a viable long term option.

Freelancers are great for short term projects or if one person can do the job. For starting, building, and growing an e-commerce business, an entire team is needed.

We give you a team to start, build,
and grow your e-commerce business.

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It is not feasible for a SMB to hire one experienced skilled position for anything less than $3,000 USD a month before taxes. Hiring on a part-time basis is even less practical.

The Bottom Line

For SMB’s who are serious about their e-commerce business AOC is the most affordable and one of the most productive staffing solutions on the market. Grow Your Team, Not Your Payroll.

Grow Your Team, Not Your Payroll.