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Online marketplaces allow you to sell goods without setting up your own online store. Selling through these channels provides a flexible business opportunity for startups, SMBs, and individual store owners. Amazon, E-bay, Walmart, and Houzz are some of the world’s most established digital marketplaces.

With a base of over 300 million active shoppers plus another 170 million unique monthly visitors, Amazon is the biggest marketplace – digital or physical. It’s the number one place to go to for most modern shoppers and the marketplace of choice for most online sellers. Your products can also reach six continents with Amazon, thanks to its aggressive worldwide expansion expedited by the sudden shift to online shopping because of the coronavirus pandemic.

With amazon, you can…

  • Create local listings for a specific market
  • Earn repeat customers without costly marketing campaigns
  • Leave handling, storage, packing, and shipping to Amazon.
  • Get access to Amazon’s world-class customer and technical support.

Being the second-largest online retailer, E-bay offers great market exposure for startups and SMBs. With more than 185 million active shoppers, the San Jose-based e-commerce giant serves 32 countries around the world as of 2021, allowing for greater market reach for small businesses which operate at a minimal overhead cost. And while most third-party marketplaces do not have options to create shopping policies, E-bay offers the flexibility to do what you want with your store.

With E-bay, you can…

  • Create return policies
  • Set shipping fees
  • Use your own product information
  • Launch small marketing campaigns

Despite arriving later than Amazon or E-bay at the e-commerce landscape, Walmart is the most powerful force in the world of retail. This retail titan is the world’s biggest company by revenue for four years straight and spans not just continental America but 24 countries through physical stores and e-commerce hubs. When you sell with Walmart Marketplace, you partner your business with the world’s top retailer.

With Walmart, you can…

  • Build your catalog and set prices
  • Manage orders and provide customer care
  • Ship directly to your customers
  • Control your inventory effectively

Providing the best marketplace solution for home professionals, Houzz is the perfect place to browse and save photos of inspiring homes. With hundreds of thousands of active shoppers, Houzz offers an amazing opportunity for retailers of home essentials to expand their market reach and increase monthly revenue. Thanks to its worldwide reach, this community of homeowners and decorators have become a formidable force in e-commerce and is still growing significantly up to this day.

With Houzz, you can…

  • Feature your products in more than 900 categories of home essentials
  • Manage your orders and update product listings
  • Create and manage product groups and promotions
  • Send coupons to loyal customers

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As people change their preferences in getting the things they need, businesses have to adapt as well. With Always Open Commerce, we help you get ahead of this changing landscape by setting up marketplaces where you can explore your business’ potential and make even more money.

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