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Planning to switch platforms? Here at AOC, we make migration manageable.

Always Open Commerce (AOC) is your go-to migration service for an accurate and efficient WordPress to BigCommerce migration process. Transfer your online store data into a larger platform to get more online traffic, widen your reach for more customers, and boost your sales with the help of our migration team.

How Our Experts Perform the Migration. Step-By-Step

Equipped with an outstanding level of expertise, our migration team consists of developers and data experts who will administer your online store’s WordPress to BigCommerce migration. On the other hand, our tech and support team will keep you informed about the latest updates on the process. To know what occurs during a WordPress to BigCommerce migration, read the steps below.


Backup your online store’s data

Before the WordPress to BigCommerce migration begins, conducting a backup of your online store’s data is essential. This will ensure that any data loss to your store’s essential data like products, customer data, inquiry forms, and many more are prevented.


Launch and connect your BigCommerce Store

Create an account in BigCommerce. Type in your existing online store’s name, and the details about it including your products’ categories, as well as your company profile. Provide a Username/Client ID, API token, and API path for your new BigCommerce Store. Our support team will assist you with this.


Select and review additional options. Run a demo migration

Before starting the WordPress to BigCommerce migration, our migration team may provide you with additional options. Important entities like product details, HTML tags, product filters, and many more may be preserved and migrated to the target store. Carefully review these additional options and run a demo migration to identify and address any potential risks.


Conduct full migration and test results

A WordPress to BigCommerce migration only takes a couple of hours. After the migration process, check if all data transferred is accurate.


Design and develop your BigCommerce store

Once data transfer from WordPress to BigCommerce is complete, you are now ready to design and develop your BigCommerce store. Our designers may assist you in choosing the theme of your store while our developers will conduct regular tests to polish its UX.

Step 6

Go live with your BigCommerce store

If third-party APIs are working without any issues, you will be notified by our developers when your store is live and ready to receive internet traffic. Tests will be conducted regularly to ensure site stability and smooth UX for site visitors.

Disclaimer: The process flow of WordPress to BigCommerce migrations may vary depending on the 3rd-party tools
and applications used in migrating data. Our data administrators and web developers will discuss this with you
during onboarding. The above information is a general process flow which most data migrations follow.

What data can be migrated from
WordPress to Bigcommerce


  • Product variants (SKU, length, weight, width, attributes, height, quantity, price, special price, etc.)
  • Product image and additional images
  • Product information (product name, description, SKU, status, sort order, URL, meta title, meta description, meta keywords, price, special price, weight, width, height, stock availability, quantity, etc.)


  • Order date, order status
  • Customer name, email, billing and shipping address
  • Product price, tax price, shipping price, total price, subtotal price, discount price, quantity
  • Order products (name, SKU, option)

Customer Data

  • First and last names, email, telephone
  • Billing and shipping address
  • Customer order history and customer newsletter

Other Online Store Assets

  • Blogs (title, full description, SEO URLs)
  • Categories (name, description, meta title, meta description, images, parent categories, subcategories, etc.)
  • CMS Pages (title, date created, URL, description)
  • Coupons (coupon code, coupon expiry date, type discount, discount amount, etc.)
  • Manufacturer information (name, meta, images)
  • Reviews (title, author, comment, date created, status, rating)

How Is Your Data Secured During Migration?

Our migration team offers an entirely smooth migration process while administering a first-rate level of security to your online store’s data. Our team applies various layers of security measures and ensures that sensitive information is safely migrated without a hitch.

WordPress to BigCommerce Migration FAQs

Got any questions about WordPress to BigCommerce migration? Find answers to them below.

How to migrate WordPress to BigCommerce Migration?

In a WordPress to BigCommerce migration, we use migration tools and applications where the data of customers from the source store (WordPress) are duly transferred to the target store (BigCommerce).

How much do you charge for the migration service?

We charge depending on the number of entities you have in your store.

Will the migration impact my Source store sales process?

No. WordPress to BigCommerce migration will not affect the sales process of your source store (WordPress).

Do I risk losing data from my existing WordPress store after the migration?

Data loss may occur during a WordPress to BigCommerce migration. However, we conduct tests and demo migrations to identify any potential risks and eliminate them if possible.

How do I export orders from WordPress platform to BigCommerce?

Orders are exported from WordPress to BigCommerce during the migration itself.

Does the data migration process influence my WordPress store performance?

No. WordPress to BigCommerce migration will not influence the performance of your WordPress store. You may continue selling while data is being exported.

Can I export the WordPress database to BigCommerce?

Yes. WordPress to BigCommerce migration supports the exportation of all existing data from the source store (WordPress) to the target store (BigCommerce).

Do you support the migration of attributes from WordPress to BigCommerce?

Yes. WordPress to BigCommerce migration supports the transfer of attributes like product and customer data, and product SKUs from the source store (WordPress) to the target store (BigCommerce).

Can I migrate customer passwords from WordPress to BigCommerce?

No. Customer passwords cannot be migrated in a WordPress to BigCommerce migration.

Can I migrate SKU from WordPress to BigCommerce?

Yes. WordPress to BigCommerce migration supports the transfer of product SKUs from the source store (WordPress) to the target store (BigCommerce).

Can we migrate images from WordPress to BigCommerce?

Yes. Images are migrated in a WordPress to BigCommerce migration.

Can I migrate order IDs from WordPress to BigCommerce?

No. Order IDs are not migrated in a WordPress to BigCommerce migration.


Yes. Reviews, along with its authors, titles, and many more are transferred in a WordPress to BigCommerce migration.

Can I migrate order statuses from nopCommerce to BigCommerce?

Yes. Order statuses can be migrated in a WordPress to BigCommerce migration.

Why Choose AOC?

Migrations are an essential part of expanding your e-commerce business. The bigger the platform, the more traffic, customers, and sales your online store gains. However, there can be several challenges in platform migrations.

As always, AOC is here to make it easy for every business owner who wants toHere at AOC, we ensure a quick and precise WordPress to BigCommerce migration to make things easier for you. Seamlessly transfer your online store data to a bigger platform with the help of our migration team. Accurate and secure, we guarantee an incomparable degree of migration services to help you grow your e-commerce business.

Migrating to the BigCommerce platform with Always Open Commerce also comes with big perks:

  • A professional support team that assists you from the start to the end of the migration process.
  • Class-leading migration tools and protocols that keep your data safe and secure
  • Highly-skilled product and customer data handlers to also facilitate migration

We will also prepare a checklist that can be used both as a guide and a blueprint for migrations of any type.

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