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I have been extremely satisfied

In 2016, I took the plunge and switched to AOC. Four years later and even a change in our website platform - I have been extremely satisfied with AOC. The communication with his team and the follow up has been exceptional.
- Dr.Diane Romeo

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Always very responsive, and go above and beyond to complete the tasks at hand.

We used freelancers for years, and switched e-commerce platform multiple times over the years, which made it very hard to find & keep a consistent, reliable, and knowledgeable web developer. As a result of this, we ended up trying to hire an in-house web developer, which was much more costly, but also turned out to have very limited in skill set for high salary. After 2-3 in-house position that ended up not working, we circled back with AOC who had reached out few months prior with their value proposal of an all-in-one agency. At first, we wanted to stir away from such agency, but the ability to have a web developer, web designer, graphic designer, among other services offered, all packed in one hourly package fee started making more sense for our company. We've now been using AOC for 1.5+ years and we couldn't be more satisfied. We currently average 120+ work hours between graphic designer (landing pages, blast email, advertising material), marketplace management (new product upload, and catalog data management), blast email, website design/development, among other. tasks. We're able to accurately track time spent on each task, and by whom, which makes it very easy to understand where our budget is going. The project manager, and team are always very responsive, and go above and beyond to complete the tasks at hand. By using AOC for over 1.5+ years, it has become easier and easier to work with them, and complete our tasks, as the devs now know us, our products, what we like and dont like, as well as our expectations. So some tasks that would require many revisions in the past, are typically completed much faster, as we really know what to expect, and they know how to deliver. Overall, great company, great team, great value, I would highly recommend AOC!
- Hugo Merminod

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Very responsive and quality work

Excellent job updating our cart template and scripts! Very responsive and quality work.
- Corey Carruth

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Their communication, pricing, and completion time on tasks is excellent

We worked with traditional agencies before but was hard to get ROI at $200 plus an hour and it left us scared to optimize and give our e-commerce platform the attention it needed to really grow. Always Open Commerce changed this. They now help us manage as well as built us a platform that has helped our business grow exponentially over the past few years. Using AOC we are able to see exactly what we are paying for with their unique but client focused payment structure. Their communication, pricing, and completion time on tasks is excellent and the best we have seen in the business. We highly recomend Always Open Commerce for any of you website development and management needs.
- Camden Peterson

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The team is talented, communicative and respectful of timelines

AOC helped update our company's big commerce website with a new theme that included some custom design. I've spearheaded over a dozen website builds in the last decade as a marketing director - this was hands down the most successful and enjoyable website project I've ever been a part of. The team is talented, communicative and respectful of timelines. The end project exceeded our expectations! Working with the AOC team has been an absolute blessing.
- Audra Walter

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Excellent service

I have been working with AOC for over 5 years. They are responsive, excellent communication and fantastic design. They also provide feedback and give suggestions to improve the UX and site design.
- Raffi

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Highly Recommended!

We contacted AOC to add some options to our menu bar. They were professional and efficient. When discussing additional work, they gave us an honest opinion about how would be best to proceed, instead of just taking our money. That is a rare quality and we appreciate that!
- Leigh White

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We’ve been extremely impressed with their efficiency, attention to detail, and excellent communication.

AOC have been great to work with, weve been extremely impressed with their efficiency, attention to detail, and excellent communication. All of our tasks have been completed to perfection, it has been like a breath of fresh air for us. We would highly recommend them!
- Mel Hurst

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The communication was always good and the end product was what I had envisioned

The initial communication not only included information about them, but they put together an amazing sample of work. The research they did to offer a compelling website was spot on. Being able to reference others in the industry to help our site stand out. Would highly recommend, as the communication was always good and the end product was what I had envisioned.
- Stephen Mallia

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The quality of the service exceeded my expectations

Exceptional service from start to finish! Steve’s communication was prompt and transparent, showcasing a high level of professionalism. The quality of the service exceeded my expectations, with remarkable attention to details and efficiency. Steve and his team's dedication to customer satisfaction was evident throughout, making this experience truly outstanding. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch professionalism and expertise. Five stars well deserved!
- Felipe Salgado

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They are organized, resourceful and helpful

Steve and the team at Always Open Commerce were great to work with and we will definitely hire them again. They are organized, resourceful and helpful. Quick to respond and finish tasks. We are happy with the way the project turned out and they have our highest recommendations.
- Silvia

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Professional and a joy to work with!

After interviewing a few suitable E-Commerce Solution providers, we found Always Open Commerce (AOC) to be a good fit for our BigCommerce go-live project and an absolute pleasure to work with. We cannot say enough good things about AOC. Steve (AOC founder) initially took the time to learn about our business and what we needed. Once his project and technical team took over, they were extremely efficient and very responsive. They were patient, professional, understood our concerns and helped us get up and running in a short period of time and within budget Where we needed guidance with technical business related tasks, they provided us with the steps and documentation that allowed us complete the task. For our BigCommerce launch date, AOC project and technical team documented all the steps and walked us through each step to ensure we understood each phase. They informed us prior to starting the activity and completed all the steps without any issues. We've been very impressed with their professionalism and technical knowledge and plan to continue collaborating with them in future projects. If you are looking for an experienced E-Commerce solution partner, we highly recommend AOC.

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10/10 experience and will be using AOC again very soon.

10/10 experience. After talking with multiple freelancers and agencies, I felt as though AOC would be the best fit. Even though I was in a tight situation with a time crunch, they delivered! A front end rebuild / migration to a new platform within a three week time frame. The AOC team was great to work with, had clear communication and delivered a good value for the work. I will immediately use them for site improvements and an upcoming new project.
- Will | David Spang

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Looking forward to working together again on future projects!

Working with Steve, Diana and the team at AOC was fantastic! Not only did they resolve our unique issue on our store site, they did so with great communication, tracking and efficiency. Even with minor bug squashing, the whole project was wrapped up quickly. What a pleasure to deal with an ecommerce dev team that is so transparent and pleasant. Looking forward to working together again on future projects!
- Anson Huang

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you manage a team of freelancers or are you an agency?

We are an agency with an in-house team. Our Free-Agency branding implies we offer freelancer rates as an agency.

Are you a US or Philippines (PH) company?

Both. We are fully incorporated under the name Always Open Commerce in the US and PH.

Do you have an office or is your team remote?

Prior to the pandemic our entire team worked full time in our office location. We have since shifted to a hybrid work environment that varies depending on the skill set and seniority.

Who will work on my project?

Our PH team handles all day to day tasks for our clients. It’s how we are able to offer lower rates compared to a traditional agency. We do offer US management if needed.

What are your rates?

Our rates are prorated based on usage and billing model. Please see our pricing page for more info.

What if I sign up for Monthly and I want to cancel?

Monthly clients can cancel at any time and switch to On Call.

What is the turnaround time for tasks once I have submitted?

We guarantee a response within 1 business day. The time to work and complete will depend on a number of factors. If a task is urgent then we will do our best to complete ahead of other pending tasks.