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Our Services

shopify theme development


Crafting compelling UX for outstanding e-commerce experiences.

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New store builds, migrations, and theme updates.

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Maximizing efficiency through strategic product data management.

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Expanding reach and sales through marketplace listing.

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Driving organic growth through expert SEO techniques.

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Email Marketing

Powering engagement with impactful email marketing campaigns.

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Compelling content crafted for engaging blogs and articles.

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White Label

For agencies looking to streamline operations.

Yes To Growth,
No To Issues

BigCommerce enables you to focus on leveling up your business, not drag it down with technical issues. Its intuitive interface lets you minimize time-to-market while being a more affordable option than other e-commerce platforms.

  • Build in HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • 96% of brands re-launch in 2 to 4 months
  • Test and push changes with no downtimes

Security + Performance

By taking advantage of Google Cloud Platform, BigCommerce offers cutting-edge security, bandwidth, and speed. Further enhanced by DDoS protection, BigCommerce allows you to focus more on getting sales and less on monitoring your site.

  • 20% faster server response than other leading e-commerce platforms
  • ISO/IEC certified
  • 99.99% median uptime

Unparalleled Versatility

BigCommerce’s highly-extensible open SaaS platform offers you dynamic enterprise-level integrations, flexible APIs and webhooks. You can sleep well knowing that your site is future-proof—all while leveraging your existing tech stack today.

  • 90% of platform data is exposed to APIs
  • 400+ APIs calls per second
  • Headless architecture out-of-the-box


"I think my site and product pages are some if not the best pages i've ever seen. The whole team has done a terrific job and should be commended for all the attention to detail. Thank you as well for the push at the end with all these smaller tasks that you jumped on quickly and knocked out for me. As positive feedback goes, there is never enough to go around and much of what you do goes without notice. I am so pleased with the outcome that if you had a tip jar I would fill it with some joy!"

—Christopher W. Brown

“The website looks incredible – your team was top notch. We couldn’t be happier with the new look of Metro’s site. To be honest, this had to be the easiest and most efficient website build I’ve ever managed. Props to the AOC team for the professionalism and quality work.”

—Audra W.

"The initial communication not only included information about them, but they put together an amazing sample of work. The research they did to offer a compelling website was spot on. Being able to reference others in the industry to help our site stand out."


"AOC have been great to work with, we’ve been extremely impressed with their efficiency, attention to detail, and excellent communication. All of our tasks have been completed to perfection, it has been like a breath of fresh air for us."

—Mel H.

"Steve, Diana and Team did a great job on our project. When there were some unseen issues the team were quick to respond and items were fixed immediately. Will work with the team again"

—Ben C.

"It was a pleasure dealing with Always Open Commerce. They exceeded my expectations and helped the project run smoothly, on time, and on budget. I highly recommend."

—Richard D.

"The team at Always Open Commerce were awesome to work with. They quickly took care of the tasks I had lined up for them. Would recommend them to others and will use them in the future for sure!"

—Andrew S.

"My company unsuccessfully used several development agencies over the years - promises not kept and delay in services made the changes inevitable. I met Steve in 2016 and was impressed with his knowledge and the inclusive services that his company could provide for my business. Four years later and even a change in our website platform - I have been extremely satisfied with AOC. The communication with the team and the follow up has been exceptional."

—Dr. Diane Romeo

"Always Open Commerce changed this. They now help us manage as well as built us a platform that has helped our business grow exponentially over the past few years. Their communication, pricing, and completion time on tasks is excellent and the best we have seen in the business. We highly recommend Always Open Commerce for any of you website development and management needs."

—Camden Peterson

"We had difficulties hiring an in-house developer which turned out to be costly with limited skills. We decided to try AOC, an all-in-one agency. Their package fee included web development, design, and other services, which suited our company well. We have been using them for 1.5+ years and are highly satisfied. The team is responsive and efficient. Working with AOC has become easier over time as they understand our preferences and expectations. We highly recommend AOC. "

—Hugo M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Always Open Commerce for your BigCommerce Web Development service?

Always Open Commerce has been recognized as a BigCommerce partner and was among the Best of the Best BigCommerce Agencies in 2020. We have accumulated years of expertise in handling BigCommerce development projects in various industries ranging from B2C beverages to wholesale appliances and furniture. Our developers are well-trained in the platform including most third-party app integrations, theme development, and front-end/back-end support.

Tangible evidence that proves our unquestionable competence in BigCommerce development can be observed in the successes of our clients as showcased in our portfolio.

Is BigCommerce the right platform for my business?

Despite being a relatively newer platform, BigCommerce has attracted some of the world’s biggest brands such as Sony, Ubisoft Gaming, Toyota Motors, Casio, and many more. These high-profile switches from older platforms can be credited to BigCommerce’s in-built features and functionalities that make it easy for companies to operate a full-fledged store on a global scale.

Some of the superior benefits of switching or using BigCommerce are:

  • Compatibility with all business types                         
  • Search engine-friendly for higher visibility
  • Powerful in-built marketing tools
  • Class-leading web security
  • Robust and thriving app marketplace
  • Unparalleled platform flexibility
  • Buzzing and active community support
  • Scalable according to your business size
  • Multichannel selling from the back end
  • Can sell anything under the sun

What is included in your BigCommerce Web Development services?

Like the Avengers, we have assembled a team of heroes: developers, designers, product data handlers, content writers, and SEO experts to create the best and most stunning online stores on the web. Included in our BigCommerce development services are:

  • Store Setup and Development
  • UX Design and Visual Communications
  • Data and Store Migration Service
  • Apps and Extensions Service
  • API Integration and Development
  • Custom Store Service
  • Site Maintenance and Support Service
  • Payments Integration Service
  • Store Performance Optimization

Do you communicate frequently and regularly provide updates to your clients?

Definitely. Here at Always Open Commerce, we follow a strict, rigid, and uncompromising business model that allows constant communication and complete transparency between us and our clients. Fundamentally, the assigned project manager will always be around to keep you in the loop and inform you about key updates on your project. Contact details will be provided during client onboarding.

Can you also custom design for our BigCommerce store?

Yes. Our more than capable UX designers can draft a single web page or an entire site for you – given the right project timeline. We can design your store from the ground up based on an assessment of your business needs, customers, industry, inventory, and other parameters. It is our goal to create a visually stunning, SEO-friendly, and responsive site that can accommodate your customers without any problems.

Work With A BigCommerce Partner

We provide BigComerce Certified Partner experience, support, and technical services at outsourced rates with our unique and transparent billing models.