Understanding AOC's Product Data Services

Data Administrator


A data administrator’s primary job is to ensure that product data is available, protected from loss and corruption, and easily accessible as needed.

Administrators use specialized software for data management

  • Correctness
  • Relevance
  • Understandability
  • Manageability
Skills Required
  • Strictly Organized
  • Analytical
  • Communicative
Tools Used

Marketplace Specialist


A Marketplace Specialist creates, manages, and optimizes listings and inventories for all marketplaces such Amazon, e-Bay, and Walmart.

Specialists also monitor, analyze, and report metrics and sales

  • Merchandising
  • Online Marketing
  • E-commerce Experience
  • Attention to Detail
Skills Required
  • MS Office Proficiency
  • Logical thinking
  • Communicative
Tools Used

Your product data speaks for your brand.
Make sure you're telling the right story.

AOC's Product Data services will help you...

Develop accurate
product information

AOC helps you in providing your customers with high-quality data that are complete, timely, and relevant.

Establish consistent messaging
across all your products

We help you create a compelling customer experience by establishing clear and cohesive product information.

Integrate your data
for improved flexibility

Our data handlers will help you in platform integration and data transformation, improving the overall performance of your business.

Manage and govern
your data with ease

We’ll help you implement your data management goals and strategies, make recommendations, and provide timely assistance.


AOC helps you sell anywhere and anytime with our Marketplace Pro solutions.

  • Expand your service radius
  • Bring visibility to your brand
  • Increase your margins
  • Meet customer's expectations


Be in multiple sales channels

E-commerce development is no longer a single-channel online business. To get the most out of your market, you have to launch your product in several channels. Marketplace Pro will help you sell your products across these channels without the hassle of micromanaging every single transaction. In that way, you can focus more on your business’ growth.

See everything from a single place

With AOC’s Marketplace Pro, get all your product lists, order details, shipping records, and inventory information of all your marketplace channels from one window. Online product launching is no longer a challenging task with our centralized marketplace management.

Sales and Analytics

Because Marketplace Pro will centralize the management of your online business, generation of sales reports and analysis is now easier and more convenient. Our simplified system will allow your business’ growth to be stimulated and get proactive of the market trends and eventually – continue your profits.

Personalize your Marketplace Pro

Whatever your business need is, we at AOC will design our solutions to best suit your goals and vision for your e-commerce business. Our experts will also help you have an easy conversion from a retail market to an online market. After all, Marketplace Pro is yours to customize.

To sum it up...

  • While AOC offers Product Data services in general, we are focused on providing marketers and salespeople an effective PIM system that will help them boost conversion and customer satisfaction
  • AOC takes advantage of technologies such as Akeneo in providing needed Product Data solutions to our clients