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Re-platforming and redesigning this surfing-centric B2C store yielded remarkable results

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The Catalyst project was an enjoyable experience for our team. As always, big-ticket migrations can be quite a challenge, but thanks to our expert team of developers and data administrators, everything went smoothly and according to the initial project goals and timelines. Indeed, every moment our team spent working on this project was as chill as the summer waves – cool, breezy, and fun.


Their backstory

Spanning a history of over half a century, Catalyst has been one of the standards when it comes to surf products, swimming apparel, and other accessories for aquatic activities. They have been in the business since the 1970s and underwent a major rebranding in 2005.

catalyst backstory
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After setting up its first online store in 2003, Christopher Bean made the smart move to further invest in e-commerce. But it was only in 2019 that the Volusia County-based coffee roaster started its AOC journey when its owners decided to re-platform and redesign the entire site.

Fast forward to 2023 and the taste of unimpeded growth and success is now as good and fragrant as a hot cup of freshly brewed Americano.


What they asked

CHRISTOPHER BEAN is a relatively popular coffee roaster. However, the company wanted to recreate its online branding by launching a completely redesigned store with new and unique features and services. Realizing that they need help from people who know how to get this done, the owners of Christopher Bean signed up with AOC to turn their vision into a solid reality.

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While the project was progressing, the client wanted several additional services integrated into the new site such as a coffee subscription service, prepaid products, and an exclusive Coffee of the Month feature.

Lastly, Christopher Bean asked our team if we can help them expand their online reach and achieve sustainable conversion rates. They initially requested highly visible marketplace listings, then a robust email marketing campaign, and a steady stream of good quality blogs every month.


How we did it

To address these challenges, Catalyst partnered with AOC and developed a comprehensive eCommerce strategy that included the following steps:

  • Store redesign:
    Catalyst wanted a store that was user-friendly, easy to navigate, and provided detailed product information. The website was aesthetically overhauled to appeal to its target audience, with a clean and modern design that showcased its products in the best possible way.
  • Store migration and re-platforming:
    AOC recommended BigCommerce as a suitable eCommerce platform that enabled Catalyst to manage their online store effectively, process orders and payments securely, and provided them with useful analytics to track their sales.
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In addition to these major steps, we conducted the following changes to fully customized the Catalyst store experience that fits the company’s branding and image:

  • Platform migration from Shopify to BigCommerce
  • Setting up a subscription service using Rebillia
  • Re-organization of product options on all products
  • Creation and/or addition of a mega menu
  • Setting up a filter for Category pages


The Outcome

With a shopping experience that competes in their market, Catalyst Shop is thriving. Through BigCommerce’s out-of-the-box functionality, they can now manage their store easily and update new product sales and promotions quickly. They have seen a significant increase in conversions within months of launching. Indeed, another successful partnership with AOC has brought not just conversions but new learning experiences for both teams as well.


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  • Designer
  • Data Administrator
  • Project Manager

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