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Platform migration and store redesign brought fresh site traffic and sales for this multi-city B2C retailer

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King’s Great Buys Plus is undeniably one of our most important clients. Their thriving online store is a shining testament to AOC’s re-platforming and redesigning prowess. Powering the site is, in typical AOC fashion, the robust BigCommerce framework that allows for a more meaningful online shopping experience that rivals King’s very own brick-and-mortars located across multiple cities.


Their backstory

King’s first retail store opened in 1983. Just three years later, the Great Buys Plus Corporation was founded in 1986 with the intent of expanding through partnerships with other retailers. As a result of Great Buys Plus’ partnership with a locally owned retailer, surrounding markets flourished and business grew significantly.

Kings - Their backstory
Kings - Their backstory 01

From humble beginnings, Great Buys Plus has grown from one small store to 44 locations spanning the Midwest. This is because they offer a wide selection of appliances, electronics, furniture, and bedding at guaranteed low prices in their respective market areas. Several locally owned and community-oriented stores now have the purchasing power of most of the national Big Box stores they compete with. This compelling combination of local ownership and efficiency equates to a big win for their customers.


What they asked

One of the main challenges that KING’S faces is competition from other online appliance and consumer electronics retailers. Many other companies offer similar products, so it can be difficult to stand out in the market. In addition, the company must keep up with changing technology and ensure that its website is easy to use and up-to-date.

Kings - What they asked

In partnering with AOC, they wanted to have a complete store facelift, a switch to a newer, more seamless platform, and improve the overall customer experience compared to their old site. They want to make it easy for customers to find the products they need, compare prices, and make purchases. In addition, they want to provide top-notch customer service and support to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their purchases.


How we did it

To address the challenges faced by King’s Great Buys Plus, AOC suggested a shift of focus on re-platforming its website and improving the customer experience it provides. Here are some of the initiatives taken by our team:

  • Store redesign:
    The company redesigned its website to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. Our UI/UX designers made it easier for customers to navigate through the site and find the products they are looking for.
  • Store migration and re-platforming:
    AOC recommended BigCommerce as a suitable eCommerce platform that allowed King’s to manage their online store effectively, process orders and payments securely, and provided them with useful analytics to track their sales.
  • Mobile optimization:
    As more and more customers are using their mobile devices to shop online, we optimized King’s website for mobile devices. The new design was responsive and worked seamlessly across all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

In addition to these major steps, we conducted the following changes to fully customize the King’s store experience that fits the company’s branding and image:

  • Migrate product data from RWS to Bigcommerce
  • Customize the theme they choose to fit their branding
  • Setup and configure the products filters using Freshclick
  • Make a Rebate function and page
  • Make a Current Ads function and page
kings how we did it


The Outcome

After the much-needed overhaul of its online store, King’s enjoyed sitting atop the B2C consumer electronics and home furnishings retail chain as it captured fresh site traffic and produced considerable conversions. Our counterparts at King’s can’t help but praise our team’s professionalism and unprecedented approach to eCommerce. Today, this project stands as one of our finest works – a powerful example of collaborative work between their team and ours.


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Tool used:

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