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Hire your very own professional, full-time, and dedicated staff at cost-effective hourly rates.

To stand out and become successful in the e-commerce industry, every e-commerce business needs to have a powerhouse of full-time Web Developers, Web Designers, SEO, Content Writers, and more. However, hiring these positions in-house can be extremely costly. 

While resorting strictly to hiring independent freelancers may be tempting as they can offer you cheaper rates, you must consider below risks and drawbacks of hiring one:

Allure of working for various clients.

 Most freelancers tend to accept different projects from various clients at once making it impossible for your project to be at the highest priority.

Supervision and control issues.

In choosing to hire a freelancer, you will find it difficult to supervise them during work. With AOC, you can track hourly work through Tahometer.

Lack of certainty regarding deadlines.

When a freelancer gets hit by sickness, needs to attend to family emergencies, etc., the development of your project can be put on hold.

On the contrary, working with a full-time development team like AOC will give you an assurance that your project is well-taken care of.

 Our Florida-based Project manager personally meets with our clients in the US and assign the work to the offshore team in the Philippines. This process makes it possible for AOC to give its clients a quality yet cost-effective service. Work with a team that will solely work for your business’s success. Hire us and get the high quality of work an in-house team can provide you – but at a much lesser expense.

Please note that below pricing is just a “guide” and may change depending on the “specialists’” unique skills, years of experience, or complexity of a project.


Hourly Rate

Hourly Cost Savings

Mid Web Developer US $14 US $35 US $21
Senior Web Developer US $22 US $65 US $43
US ECommerce Consultant US $40 US $100 US $60
Web Designer US $14 US $35 US $21
Social Media Marketing Specialist US $14 US $25 US $11
Customer Service US $8 US $13 US $5
Technical Assistant US $9 US $10 US $1
Data Analyst/Research US $10 US $13 US $3
Content Writer US $12 US $23 US $11
SEO Specialist US $15 US $25 US $10


  • Mid Developer
  • Senior Developer
  • US ECommerce Consultant
  • Web Designer
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Assistant
  • Data Analyst/Research
  • Content Writer
  • SEO Specialist

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Increase your business’s online potential with our packages.

The success of a business in the growing online industry doesn’t end in creating a website. Website creation is just the first step. Consistent maintenance, SEO, marketing, and innovation play equally important roles as well.

With that, here are a variety of cost-effective website packages we’ve created with you in mind:

Bag Package


Per Month

  •   Dedicated Account Manager

  •  1 Social Media Cover Page Design

  •  1 Profile Image Design for Facebook & Twitter Profile

  •  1 Social Media Posting Template

  •   3x A Week Facebook & Twitter Posts

  •  2 Articles Per Month

  •  5 Hours SEO Work

  •  15 Hours Development Or Design*

  •  Social Media Marketing Monthly Report

  •  Search Engine Optimization Monthly Report

  • Knowledge Graph

  • 0 Landing Page For SEO-Related Work

  • 0 A Month Email Blasts

  • 0 Set Of 3 Website Banners

  • Z-Block Banners

  • Marketplace Listing*

  • Sales Analysis*

Basket Package


Per Month

  •  Dedicated Account Manager

  •  1 Social Media Cover Page Design

  •   1 Profile Image Design for Facebook & Twitter Profile

  •   2 Social Media Posting Template

  •   5x A Week Facebook & Twitter Posts

  •   3 Articles Per Month

  •   8 Hours SEO Work

  •   20 Hours Development Or Design*

  •   Social Media Marketing Monthly Report

  •   Search Engine Optimization Monthly Report

  •   Knowledge Graph

  •   1 Landing Page For SEO-Related Work

  •   2x A Month Email Blasts

  •   1 Set Of 3 Website Banners

  •   Z-Block Banners

  • Marketplace Listing*

  • Sales Analysis*

Cart Package


Per Month

  •   Dedicated Account Manager

  •   1 Social Media Cover Page Design

  •   1 Profile Image Design for Facebook & Twitter Profile

  •   2 Social Media Posting Templates

  •   Daily Facebook & Twitter Posts

  •   4 Articles Per Month

  •   14 Hours SEO Work

  •   30 Hours Development Or Design*

  •   Social Media Marketing Monthly Report

  •   Search Engine Optimization Monthly Report

  •   Knowledge Graph

  •   2 Landing Pages For SEO-Related Work

  •   4x A Month Email Blasts

  •   2 Sets Of 3 Website Banners

  •   Z-Block Banners

  •   Marketplace Listing*

  •   Sales Analysis*

*Terms and conditions apply. Extra hours may require extra hourly charges depending on the complexity of the project.

Can’t find a package that fits you? We can customize a package specially made for your specific needs. Contact us today for a FREE quotation.


Most foreign businesses say outsourcing in the Philippines is their top choice. Wonder why?

At present, the Philippines is hailed as one of the world’s leading outsourcing destinations. With a blossoming IT, BPO, and back-office outsourcing industry, the Philippines continues to build up the strength of its outsourcing presence in the world. 

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    As compared to hiring and partnering with an e-commerce solutions company from Western countries, hiring a team from the Philippines offers greater value for money. The Philippines takes pride in competitive labor rates which are significantly lower than those of foreign or domestic US Web development agencies.

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    When it comes to integrity and work ethics, Filipinos are highly regarded. By nature, Filipinos value their jobs well through practicing integrity, hard work, and loyalty to give their clients the high quality of work they deserve. More so, Filipinos always do more than what they promised to deliver despite deadlines.

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    In the Philippines, the study and mastery of the English language are included in the country’s education curriculum as early as primary school making the country the third largest English-speaking nation in the world. Over 80% of the country’s entire populace communicates in English, fluently, written or verbally.

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    Having been colonized by Western countries such as Spain and United States of America for over 500 years, the Philippines have acquired a huge part of the Spanish and American culture. This part of the Filipino history makes it easy for Filipinos to adapt and relate with Western clients and customers naturally.

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    With a high regard for the importance of Education, Filipinos acquired a whopping 96.3% literacy rate. Each year, 130,000 Filipinos acquire a bachelor’s degree in IT from internationally-recognized universities. The Philippines educates and builds up workers capable of exceeding business expectations.

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