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How to Come Up with Business Ideas That’ll Sell

Got funds to start a new business? Read on to figure out how to come up with business ideas that’ll put your funds to good use.     Like you, 63% of people in their 20s also want to own and run a business. With this fact in mind, you need to come up with a business idea that will stand out and sell. If you’re planning on venturing into a business, especially in e-commerce, the first step you need to make is to come up with a winning business idea.   To get the ideation process started, here are practical yet effective ways to come up with an idea Read More

20 Timeless Lessons from the Greatest Men in Advertising

Having a great service or product to sell is only one of the many steps to business success. How you’ll sell your product is that one important step that will reel in the sales. Regardless of your years in the business industry, you will always need to learn more to achieve your business goals and success. Whatever your business is, whether you have an e-commerce or physical store, you need to learn about marketing and advertising to be able to sell your products and services. With that, here are timeless lessons from the greatest men in advertising: David Ogilvy Founder, Ogilvy & Mather Dubbed as the “Father of Advertising,” David Read More

Tips on How to Win at Social Media Marketing

With the growing number of businesses using social media for their marketing campaigns, how can yours stand out? Read on and discover the arsenals that can help you win at social media marketing. Whether your business is only starting or one that’s been up and running for decades, social media marketing – when done right – can help you significantly expand your market and customer base. Marketing your brand or business in various social media networks and platforms can positively contribute to your acquisition of customers, and eventually, sales. The Basics Every success starts with a goal and the foundations that ground them. The same thing is true for social Read More

What to Learn from the Success of MailChimp’s Campaign by Droga5

MailChimp won the marketing game once again. With its “Did You Mean …?” campaign by Droga5, they pulled off yet another brilliant way to increase awareness of the brand without obviously doing so. Early this year, three bizarre yet mesmerizing short films were released, namely: MailShrimp, JailBlimp, and KaleLimp. They even had their own websites, YouTube channels, and all which sparked the curiosity and interest of everyone and made people wonder what exactly is going on.   MailShrimp     JailBlimp     KaleLimp   Apparently, these short films were all part of MailChimp’s much bigger campaign with Droga5. After watching the films, people became both confused and curious. Their Read More

Valentine’s Day Ads and Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from Them

Every love month, marketers go the extra mile to reach potential customers with their ads. And, with these Valentine’s Day ads from big and small brands alike, we can surely learn a thing or two marketing lessons. It’s that time of the year again when people become love-stricken – when flowers, cards, candle-lit dinners, chocolates, and romance fills the atmosphere. To join in on the “love” holiday, content creators and marketing companies alike go the extra mile and capitalize on the love-stricken market for their marketing campaigns and ads. We’ve rounded up some of the most memorable Valentine’s Day campaigns and ads which can teach us a thing or two Read More

Practical Ways to Encourage Customer Trust and Loyalty

Trust is one of the essential factors in being successful in the business industry. When a business acquires the trust and loyalty of its customers, sales and success naturally follow. “You can have all the facts and figures, all the supporting evidence, all the endorsement that you want, but if at the end of the day you don’t command trust, you won’t get anywhere,” says Niall FitzGerald of Unilever. True enough, any customer wouldn’t buy from a store or do business with a brand they don’t fully and personally trust. After that trust is built, loyalty follows suit. To grow your business, especially online, you need to do business in Read More

New IG-Stories Features You Can Use to Market Your Brand Better

Instagram-Stories’ new tools and features won’t only make your story more fun; it will also help you market your brand better.     Instagram, a community of over 500 million active users, already became the home of a variety of visual storytellers including celebrities, personalities, brands, musicians, artists, photographers, etc. Last August, Instagram launched a Snapchat-like narrative photo and video story feature that disappears after 24 hours which is now popularly known as Instagram Stories.   But unlike Snapchat, Instagram Stories has a wider reach due to its scale. With 300 million people who use Instagram daily, as compared to Snapchat’s 150 million daily users, brands can reach a larger Read More

Cart Abandonment: What It Is and Tips on How to Avoid It

At least one cart is being abandoned by an online shopper each year resulting in a continuous rise in the number of online orphans or abandoned online carts. Although cart abandonment is seriously alarming, it can be prevented. According to Listrak, today’s cart abandonment rate is at an alarming 80% with a 77% average rate for the past six months. From February to August 2016, the rate of online shopping cart abandonment has increased from 74.89% to 80.15%.   In 2015, the average cart abandonment rate was 71.39% globally, reports Barilliance, the leader in cart abandonment recovery technologies. Cart abandonment rates by device are as follows: 76% on mobile phones, Read More

How to Leverage Emotions to Increase Your Conversions

When it comes to buying decisions, humans are by nature more emotional than rational. Being able to target the consumers’ emotions and create a powerful and long-lasting bond between you and them will naturally drive conversions.     As compared to cognitive thinking, emotions are those that create a higher impact on our present and future actions. In fact, the most shared and most viral brand advertisements can be described with one word – emotional. 2015’s most viral ads have one thing in common; they all showcase emotional content such as friendship, inspiration, joy, love, empowerment, etc.   For consumers, brands and products are more than just mere objects. They Read More

Virtual Reality and Its Game-Changing Benefits to Digital Marketing

Virtual reality is now reshaping and winning the game of digital marketing. Huge and small brands are now embracing and injecting the VR technology into their digital marketing efforts.     Although virtual reality has already been a generation old, the way it is currently being used for digital marketing purposes isn’t. Virtual reality now offers a different kind of experience for both marketers and consumers.   Because of this, virtual reality has drawn a lot of attention of different brands – both big and small. More than the 360º experience feature that appeals to the market, here are other game-changing benefits VR offers:   Immersive engagement. With VR headgears, Read More

The Key Contributors to Content Marketing Success

They say, “Content is king,” but, how can your content really be king over other online competitors? We will teach you efficient ways to achieve content marketing success.     As technology advances, more and more marketers are looking for better ways to improve their marketing strategies. Nowadays, consumers aren’t any fonder of the traditional marketing campaigns such as television and magazine ads. They are now more adept and exposed to online “surfing”. This is where content marketing gets in the picture.   What exactly is content marketing about?   According to Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute,   “Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and Read More

How to Create Email Newsletters People Would Love to Receive

Even if we admit it or not, thousands of email newsletters are often ignored and deleted instead of read. How can we then create email newsletters people would be excited to receive and read?     Sending newsletters shouldn’t be done for the sake of merely having something to send your subscribers. A newsletter has to be carefully crafted and packaged. More than that, it has to offer value to its recipients. It has to address and solve your subscribers’ needs.   Because there are different types of subscribers with different needs, there’s no exact and specific formula for a winning newsletter. A newsletter can be loved for different reasons Read More

Physical Store VS E-Commerce Store: Which Is Really Better?

If retail was a boxing match, who can possibly be the winner? Will it be the veteran brick-and-mortar physical store or the newbie online e-commerce store?   For entrepreneurs like you who want to build a shop that can attract greater sales opportunities, one of the questions you may ask is: Should I begin my business with a physical store, an online store, or both? Which will really work well for your business?   In opening a store of any kind, you must consider your products or services, business goals, and target consumers. To help you weigh in your business decisions better, here are the pros and cons of selling Read More

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