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Are you set to level up your love for writing but confused on how and where to start in publishing your articles online? Worry no more, in this article are helpful tools you can use to get started on the right foot.

Whether you’re a newbie blogger or an already seasoned writer, your work output still and should always be relevant, valuable, and grammatically correct. Poor content construction, spelling errors, and broken grammar can make your content less appealing and credible to your readers.

For successful content writing, here are effective and useful tools you can use to help you out:


One major concern of writers is to always have a new topic to write about. With millions of content being posted online daily, it’s quite difficult to find a topic and create content that will stand out.

Buzzsumo, an online platform where you can determine which content performs well online. This content marketing tool features content research, competitive research, and influencer mining (for paid version) features. With this tool, you can search for what’s hot and what’s not in your niche.

Personally, I use Buzzsumo to search for the trending articles in my niche. From there, I can find helpful resources, ideas, and see article topics no one has written about that I can make use of.


Next to having an interesting topic to write about, you need to create a compelling title to go with it. Sans a good title, your article won’t be enticing for people to read; your effort will go to waste.

Coschedule boasts of different tools you can use for all your marketing needs – blog management, marketing projects, and social media and content marketing. Regarding title creation, Coschedule’s headline analyzer is a great help. It’s designed to help writers and marketers write headlines (for blog posts, email subject lines, and social messages) that drive traffic, shares, and search results.

This free tool will analyze your headline’s word balance, length analysis, keywords, and previews.


No matter how interesting your content is, if it’s filled with grammar and spelling errors, your readers won’t read them anymore. Any article with complex writing errors can put your credibility at risk.

Grammarly, the world’s leading automated proofreader, helps its users find and correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar errors in articles and content. More than that, this amazing tool also features vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and a plagiarism checker.

With Grammarly’s help, mistake-free writing will just be an arm reach. But, it will also help if you review your content a few more times before publishing it. Reading it aloud will help as well.


Text-heavy articles can be a pain to read, especially to readers with a short attention span. So to make your content and articles more reader-friendly, insert relevant and high-quality images.

Pexels provides bloggers and designers high-quality stock photos that can be used everywhere without a cost – all of which are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. With Pexels’s easy-to-navigate discover pages, you can search photos by tag, search, and by color.

I personally use Pexels to search for and download images I can use for creating article inserts, hero images, social media posts, and other marketing materials that require high-quality photos.


Today, content isn’t only found in articles; it can also be in the form of flyers, social media graphics, ebooks, and the like. Successful content writing is a combination of great content and graphics.

Canva’s tools include a free online photo editor, color palette generator, font combinations, and thousands of professional and beautiful layouts. Anyone, even those who aren’t highly-skilled design, can create stunning graphics, layouts, and presentations with its drag-and-drop feature.

With Canva, you can create professional graphics without the hassle and complexities of other design tools and platforms. More than that, you can enjoy these features even with a free account.

With these basic content writing tools, you’re all set to take that big leap of conquering online publishing. With the help of these tools, you can be successful in content writing in no time.

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