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“Why is my website not ranking at the top yet?” Like you, many business owners ask themselves this question at one point.  To discover the reason why this happens, read on:

Newly-Created Websites Doesn’t Rank Overnight

You might think that your site will rank the minute you’ve created it but, this is never the case. Search engine optimization (SEO) is not an overnight process. For one, it takes time for Google to crawl your site. The design, social activity, and trends could impact the results, too. If you want to see your website on the first page of a search engine, you need to wait and be patient.

Your Website Design is Not Search Engine-Friendly

Your website looks nice. Many shoppers applaud you for its look; however, Google doesn’t appreciate its design the way you and your consumers do. Here are the reasons why:

– Insufficient content

– Confusing navigation

– Incomplete basics

– Stale pages

Outstanding web design doesn’t mean flashy pictures or well-made call-to-action images. An exceptional layout covers everything from its balance to the page’s intuitiveness. Incorporating these elements in your site can increase your ranking. Thus, enhance your page’s look as well as its efficiency.

Your Competitor’s Site Outranks You

SEO is not a secret technique. Almost all businesses in the world use this strategy. So, if you are using an SEO strategy, your competitors are probably doing the same – with even better methods.

If you want to land high on search engine results, you need to track the activities of your competition. You need to determine why other sites are more visible than yours. Is it because of their design? Maybe their content? Track your competitors’ sites, learn from them and improve yours.

Your Site is Not Responding

People want instant results. In a world run by the internet, we want a fast connection and responsive website. Google want that as well. If your site is not loading acceptably, Google won’t boost your page’s ranking.

Remove or change unused posted images on your site as they can add to your loading time. If it doesn’t work, hire an I.T. specialist to fix the lurking issues behind your unresponsive site.

Your Site is Not Unique

Have you ever browsed a website and thought you’d seen it before? But on a closer look, you’ve realized the site is new to you? It wouldn’t be the first time.

Generic images and web designs make a site look like every other’s site. To ensure you stand out and boost your ranking, be unique. Hire a team who can design, promote and maintain your website.

In today’s competitive marketplace, offering the best products or services is not enough. To earn a higher profit and boost customer base, you should focus on digital marketing and online visibility as well.

Having a visible online presence will help you expand your market and boost your sales.  So, consider these reasons and find ways to land a higher spot in search engines, as well as gain the trust of your target market.

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