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Here’s an observable truth: hundreds of businesses stagnate because of failure to acknowledge an inevitable fact: that social media engagement –and by extension, the Internet itself – has become the world’s most powerful mechanism. And within this mechanism is a platform of boundless influence, one that reaches even the remotest sector of society.

Social media has overcome traditional media as the main stage of information; equipping itself with bleeding-edge tech and bypassing conventional channels of communication through creative yet radical means—memes, vines, and vlogs, to name a few. It is here to stay, for better or for worse, and businesses must adapt, or else they might be jeopardizing their own market growth.

So, what is social media engagement?

In the broadest sense, social media engagement is the scope of actions we do that impact our presence with our audience online, essentially through social media channels and social networking sites. In layman’s parlance, social media engagement is the collective term for the likes, reacts, comments, views, and shares a social media gathers in a specific period. Therefore, high social media engagement means at least one or two of your posts have gone viral, reaching thousands of other users across multiple platforms.

Is it important for my business to grow?

Bluntly, yes. For marketers, social media engagement is the key measure of how well their content is resonating with their target audience. Having this tremendously vital information will help you optimize your branding so you can connect better with your customers.

Interestingly, expanding your social media presence isn’t as costly as setting up a new store—and definitely not as demanding. A solid social media strategy can drive growth for your business by fostering lasting and loyal relationships with customers and prospects—a much better compromise than putting up branches or pouring out thousands of dollars on traditional marketing. That leads to another interesting proposition: how can you boost your online presence in social media without spending money, or at least, not too much? We list down five proven ways.

5 Surefire Methods of Boosting Your Social Media Engagement


    1. Choose the network that caters to your needs

      Since the world witnessed the cultural explosion brought by social media and its catalyst, Facebook, back in the early 2010s, it has brought unprecedented change to the landscape of commerce and marketing. More and more people flock to social media for their information needs than reading the newspaper or watching CNN. And because this technological phenomenon generated so much traffic online, businesses naturally flocked to social media as well, bringing their products and services online which in turn, produced additional revenue through e-commerce. Facebook was and still is at the center of it all, garnering over 2 billion memberships in just a span of a decade. The many milestones of Facebook in transforming the commercial landscape made it a universal top-of-mind choice for every marketer. Other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, target a more specific market, although synchronization of these platforms is always possible.


    1. Religiously respond to your customers

      Boosting your social media presence doesn’t just mean getting into the right platform and setting up an account. Let your audience see a softer side. This means interacting on social media accounts on a regular basis. Respond to posts or comments from your followers and interact when they show interest. Show them who you are, whether as a business entity or as a person, and surely your audience will feel more connected to you. Eventually, they will follow your activities and start promoting you—a momentum much need for growth.


    1. Know what they need

      Getting more intimate with your audience is key to successful online marketing. Understanding what they need will help you be able to determine the products or services you will offer them. Once you’ve become fully aware of your audience’s needs, countless opportunities await your business as they will surely take interest in what you have in store for them, and what your business is all about.


    1. Pay attention to what’s in

      One of the best ways to reach a bigger audience and create a larger social media presence is to milk every popular trend. You can get ahead of these trends just by taking a look at what’s going on around the world—sporting events, blockbuster hits, or viral videos. For instance, staying active on Twitter can give you an overview of what is trending in the online world. Hashtagged events are also becoming a thing, like #NationalCoffeeDay, #NationalBestfriendsDay, #NationalWhoCaresDay—you get it. This simple technique will get your profile in front of a ton of users who never knew your business before and could even help your posts go viral.


  1. Use dazzling visuals

    Mediocrity has stagnated some business pages across Facebook and Twitter. They use re-uploaded photos of their products, posted with an old blurb without anything to drool for. You need to up your graphics games and have your page stand out. Try to avoid using too many boring stock photos. Instead, focus on sharing images that will resonate with your vision. Share high-quality, well-polished, and if necessary, out-of-the-box graphics with exemplary short phrases that will connect with your followers. Sometimes, sharing your customers’ photos of them interacting with your product or service—with their permission—will also create proof of your loyalty to your fanbase.

If you want to create a social media presence, your social media accounts must imitate real-life communities wherein people gather with a unifying purpose. This means positive interaction and appreciation. Engaging with your followers will not only increase your online presence; you will develop real relationships with customers as well. In an ever-changing world of business and commerce, adaptability is ultimately the main ingredient for a well-brewed formula of success—hot-served and well-stirred.

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