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Know which person(s) are best qualified to build your e-commerce website and steer it toward success.

Planning to embark in the e-commerce bandwagon? Statistics and opinions of experts in modern business support that you’re making the right move. According to eMarketer, the global e-commerce sales is forecast to grow by 18.6 percent to $1.89 trillion in 2016. Even capturing a tiny slice of this international activity is already huge for your business.

Why engage in e-commerce

Aside from the encouraging e-commerce performance, here are other reasons why you must consider taking your business online.

  1. Eighty percent of web users purchasing items online – Netizens and even casual web users are now getting well-versed in doing online transactions. In fact, the elder Gen X buyers spend 15 percent more than Gen Y buyers (Millennials).

The rise in number of users of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices also translates to more opportunities for selling online. Sales from mobile e-commerce (m-commerce) or business transactions over smartphones and other mobile devices are also booming. M-commerce comprises 18.5 percent of total e-commerce sales in the first quarter of 2014 compared to 13.7 percent for the same period in 2013. It has also posted 35 percent of growth in the first quarter of 2015 as compared to the same period last year.

  1. Ability to earn even while you sleep – E-commerce allows you to earn money 24/7. So, if your website is set up to run properly, you can reap profits even during the wee hours.
  2. Ease of setting up – E-commerce technology is currently so advanced that you can put up an e-commerce website even with limited technical knowledge and a meager budget. In fact, many of the e-commerce tools are offered for free.

Magento as top choice

To be dominant in e-commerce, one needs a powerful yet cost-efficient platform. Here is where Magento steps in. This platform is a robust and flexible open-source platform that has many features that can address almost any e-commerce requirement. Magento has the following advantages for non-developers:

A wealth of powerful features – No other e-commerce platform can match Magento’s pool of features such as multiple store fronts, multi-language and multi-currency support, which is perfect for tapping global customers.

Customizability – Magento has plenty of themes, templates, plugins, and extensions that make customization possible for developers and online shopping a breeze for customers.

User-friendly features – The Magento platform is made and enriched by many developers with non-technical people end-users in mind, making the platform of choice to e-commerce entrepreneurs at large.

An active community of developers – More than simply being a platform, Magento is a community of developers working together to improve e-commerce. The continuous contribution of the community gives Magento its potential to grow and keep up with the changing times.

Cost-efficiency – Magento has an open-source that enables you to download the software for free and manage the developed website at a very low cost compared to other platforms.

These qualities make Magento the top e-commerce platform in the market. In fact, around 26 percent of e-commerce websites are developed with Magento.

Need for Magento developers

While Magento can be learned, it takes time to master this. Even though it is user-friendly, it still can give serious challenges for non-technical persons. To maximize your investment in a Magento e-commerce site, you need to hire experts to manage your e-commerce operations and presence.

What are the qualities you need to seek in a Magento developer? Here are some of the skills to watch out for to guarantee a successful e-commerce website:

  1. Has deep knowledge – Because of Magento’s breadth of functionalities and capabilities, Magento developers need a deep and comprehensive knowledge about the platform. He/she should also have an eye on the latest developments and innovations in this platform, as well as the Internet and e-commerce in general.
  2. Innovative and creative – Web developers need to have innovative and creative minds to carry out the projects at hand to create an impact on both you, as his/her client, and your customers. A creative and innovative developer can provide suggestions and conceptualize and implement programs or processes that can upscale your e-commerce website to new heights.
  3. Exudes professionalism – Developers are the key persons in building and managing your e-business. Sloppy and immature developers can bring disaster to your business.
  4. Has an ability to multitask – Website development can be subdivided into different components such as web designing, illustration, etc. A well-skilled developer can fill in these requirements strategically and efficiently.
  5. Keen on quality – Excellent and quality work depends on one’s work ethic and standard. Your developer should know that your e-commerce website represents your company online; hence he/she must make sure that it is of the best quality.
  6. Has an impressive portfolio – The best way you can gauge your developer’s skills is by his/her previous works. Besides quality, you should also consider how many websites he/she has worked or is working on.
  7. Business savvy and knowledgeable – Developers should also have business know-how’s so that they can adjust their works depending on your requirements accordingly.
  8. Time-conscious and always accessible – One of the e-commerce’s qualities is its capacity to be open on a 24/7 basis. Your developer should also be accessible 24/7 to attend to urgent needs of the site.

As the world gets even more connected through the Internet, e-commerce provides a wealth of opportunity for business professionals and investors. Hence, you must invest in a powerful e-commerce platform such as Magento and hire good developers who will help enhance your presence and ensure success in your online business.

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