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Managing a business is no easy task. However, with Google’s free yet efficient and game-changing tools, you can increase your productivity and finish your tasks in a breeze.

Google generously offers free tools and extensions that can benefit all types of entrepreneurs and increase their online productivity. Read on for a list of free Google tools and extensions and on how each one can help you with your business.


Site and SEO Management


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management is essential in any business, most especially in e-commerce businesses. Through data-driven SEO practices, a website can be optimized for search engines and be easily found on the Web.


With that, here are free tools by Google that can help you in managing the SEO of your business:


  • Google Webmasters. With Google Webmasters, you can track your e-commerce site’s search performance, get support for your site, test your site’s mobile-friendliness, and get recommendations on how you can improve your site’s speed and user experience.


  • Google My Business. To bring more customers in, use Google My Business to list information about your business online. This way, your business listing will appear right when people search for businesses like yours on Maps, Google Search, and Google+.


  • Google Analytics. Whether your business is big or small, it’s a must to learn about and understand your customers. With Google Analytics, you can get to know your customers better, improve your engagement and click-throughs, and boost content promotion.


  • Google Shopping Insights. With this tool that is a combination of search, heat mapping and graphs, retailers can easily identify shopping trends and popular products or items in their cities. This tool can help you make data-driven decisions for your business.


Social Media Marketing


By utilizing different social media platforms for marketing and reaching prospects to promote a product or service, business or brand can establish their online presence. Social media marketing is a must for businesses of all types and sizes.


To make social media marketing more convenient and effective, here are free tools you can use:


  • Blogger. One way to make a name online is through a blog. With Blogger, you can host your business blog for free and reach a wider audience for your brand and business. Because Blogger is run by Google, you can also be sure that your blog is secure.


  • Hootsuite. This Google Chrome extension is the best tool you can use to manage your social networks, connect with your customers, and establish your brand online. With Hootsuite, you can even pre schedule your social media posts for when you’re away.


Project Management, etc.


Effective project management can make small business more competitive, efficient, and successful. It can also help businesses of any size attain enhanced team collaboration, improved product quality, and higher customer satisfaction.


Here are free Google tools you can use for improved and more productive project management:


  • Google Keep. If you’re the person who always loses notes and ideas, this tool will help you keep your ideas, to-do lists, links, etc. With Google Keep, all your notes and precious ideas won’t be lost. Your notes will sync to all your devices through Google Keep.


  • Google Calendar. By creating shared calendars with this tool, you can keep everyone in your team up to date with milestones, events, deadlines, reminders, meetings, and more. You can also see your upcoming Google Calendar events from your Gmail inbox.


  • Google Sheets. With this tool, you can easily create schedules, assign work, manage deadlines, and receive updates on different projects. Collaboration and being up to date with your team, regardless of their locations, will also be easier with Google Sheets.


  • Google+ Hangouts. For small business owners with partners from different parts of the world, this tool will be of great use. With Google+ Hangouts, you can easily discuss urgent matters and hold video meetings with anyone in the world, right from your computer.


Do your business the most efficient way with the help of the above free tools offered by Google. You’re not meant to do your business alone!

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