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Experience Seamless Navigation with Robby and Harley’s New User-Friendly Website Design

About Client

Robby and Harley is a design clothing store based in North Carolina that prides itself on offering a wide selection of diverse prints for customers of all ages, including creative and imaginative kids. The brand’s artistry transcends self-expression and true identity, as each piece brings out the individuality and style of the wearer. Robby and Harley’s commitment to quality craftsmanship shines through in every stitch, ensuring that their garments stand the test of time.


Our goals for this e-commerce store includes

  • Website migration to BigCommerce
  • Integrating menu drop-down function
  • Custom template for the website theme

Web design

Robby and Harley, with a keen eye for customer satisfaction, made the strategic decision to migrate their online store to BigCommerce in order to elevate their customers’ shopping experience. Recognizing the importance of seamless navigation in creating a user-friendly platform, they sought out features to streamline the browsing process for their clientele.

They were determined to enhance the visual appeal of their website by incorporating an earthy and nature theme. Choosing a calming blue hue creates a soothing atmosphere that would resonate with their target audience. 

Through this thoughtful transition to BigCommerce and meticulous attention to detail in design aesthetics, Robby and Harley demonstrated their commitment to providing an exceptional online shopping experience.

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