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The Free Range Butcher Enhances their Shipping Option

About Client

The Free Range Butcher embodies a movement towards ethical and conscious food consumption. With an extensive range that includes only the finest quality, grass-fed, and organic produce sourced from ethical food producers. Their story began 30 years ago when their family made a life-changing decision to purchase a property at Barraba in North West, NSW.


Our goals for this e-commerce store includes

  • Change the current shipping system
  • Set up existing ShipperHQ account
  • Set up a delivery date base
  • Add Christmas Pre Order shipping option

Web Highlights

The Free Range Butcher, renowned for its premium quality meat products, recently revamped their existing shipping system by adopting ShipperHQ. Recognizing the need to streamline their operations and enhance customer satisfaction, the transition to this innovative platform was instrumental in optimizing their logistical processes. ShipperHQ’s robust features have empowered The Free Butcher Range with unprecedented control over their shipping rates and options, allowing them to tailor each delivery according to specific customer requirements.

With the help of ShipperHQ, The Free Range Butcher has streamlined their delivery process to meet your expectations. Utilizing zip codes as a basis for determining delivery dates accurately estimates when your order will arrive at your doorstep. 

As Christmas approaches and pre-orders flood in, we understand the importance of timely deliveries during this festive season. We added an additional shipping option exclusively for Christmas pre-orders to ensure that you receive your package promptly and without any hassle. With ShipperHQ’s advanced features integrated into their system, you can rest assured that every aspect of delivering your order is handled with utmost professionalism and efficiency at The Free Butcher Range.

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