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Looking for a decent job that pays well used to be a painful, terrible process. Back on the days when the Internet was just a concept, job hunting can take weeks or months, costing you a lot of resources.

Fast-forward to 2019 and you can now filter job postings according to your preferences and skills. It’s a masterstroke of IT developers to create useful search functions and filters for such complex directories like job listings. Most importantly, information technology helped job hunters to know what vacancies pay a good sum of money. Glassdoor, one of the world’s biggest job listing sites, is the best place to start.

Last year, Glassdoor published a list of the highest-paying jobs in the United States.

The survey pointed out several factors such as annual base salary, number of jobs opening available, and active job listings. Data for the research were submitted by employees from across the continental United States.

The top 10 highest paying jobs according to Glassdoor are listed below:

  1. Physician
    Doctors of medicine got the top spot—comprising of physicians and surgeons. And hey, they should get paid nicely. They will definitely save your life one day.Median base salary: $195,000+
    Job openings: 3,000+Companies hiring:
    Zumedic, Caresouth Carolina, InnovAge, Team Health,
    GoHealth Urgent Care & more
  2. Pharmacy Manager
    Thanks to our pharmacy managers, medicines in our local pharmacy store are well-kept and stored.Median base salary: $146,000+
    Job openings: 2000+Companies hiring:
    Albertsons, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Johns Hopkins
    Home Care Group, Soliant Health, Costco & more
  3. Pharmacist
    Our friendly pharmacists supervise medicine supply chains and ensure that we can get the right medicine for our condition.
    Median base salary: $127,000+
    Job openings: 2,500+Companies hiring:
    Chewy, Inova, Woman’s Hospital, divvyDose, Safeway,
    Health Mart Pharmacy & more
  4. Enterprise Architect
    Someone who’s responsible for the stability of a company’s business strategy, an enterprise architect gets paid well for implementing tech systems to achieve the company’s goals.Median base salary: $115,900+
    Job openings: 1,000+Companies hiring:
    The Nerdery, Allianz Global Investors, NorthBay Healthcare,
    Fiserv, ProHealth Care & more
  5. Corporate CounselCorporate lawyers work in law firms, where they counsel clients and handle business transactions.Median base salary: $115,500+
    Job openings: < 700Companies hiring: AppFolio, Dynamic Signal, Experian, Sleep Number
    Corporation, MailChimp & more
  6. Software Development Manager
    The great SD (software development) manager leads a team of professional software developers working in industries that require IT support.Median base salary: $108,800+
    Job openings: 1,000+Companies hiring: Conduent, CSG, MoneyGram, Wi-Tronix, American
    Management Association & more
  7. Physician Assistant
    Every doctor needs a right hand, and that’s the role of physician assistants. They are medical professionals who operate under a doctor’s supervision.Median base salary: $108,700+
    Job openings: 8,600+Companies hiring: Urgentmed, Lifespan, SCL Health, Intercept Youth Services,
    Magruder Hospital & more
  8. Software Engineering Manager
    Responsible for assembling a team of software engineers that can work quickly and successfully on software products.Median base salary: $107,400+
    Job openings: 1,100+Companies hiring: Juniper Networks, Nexon M, Medidata Solutions, Rubicon
    Project, FINRA & more
  9. Nurse Practitioner
    An advanced registered nurse, a nurse practitioner is trained to assess your needs as a patient, order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, make initial diagnosis and prescribe medications.Median base salary: $106,900+
    Job openings: 14,900+Companies hiring: Team Health, Dominion Youth Services, Petaluma Health
    Center, Marathon Health, Assurance Health System & more
  10. Software Architect
    Much like a software developer but is more concerned with high-level software design and dictates technical standards, including coding, tools, and platforms.Median base salary: $105,300+
    Job openings: 1,100+Companies hiring: Dynatrace, Payfactors, Leidos, General Dynamics
    Information Technology, NextCapital & more

Interestingly, roles in the medical field and IT industries continue to deliver impressive, eye-popping salaries. These are very valuable positions, as top Glassdoor analyst Amanda Stansell described the demand, “That fact that employers are paying top dollar for many tech and health care jobs reinforces how demand for these valuable skill sets continues to outpace the supply of talent with these expertise.”

So if you have the expertise and the experience that these jobs require, say thanks to the developers who made it easy for us to enumerate this list.


Always Open Commerce is an IT solutions company that provides web services for sites like Glassdoor.

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