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BigCommerce’s Next Big Thing carves a new era of online retail with impressive growth and innovative features. With over 100 cutting-edge features, software releases, and partner integrations, BigCommerce is committed to providing an unparalleled commerce experience without compromise. This powerful platform empowers businesses to create stunning online stores that drive sales and enhance customer engagement. From seamless checkout processes to advanced inventory management tools, BigCommerce offers everything a modern retailer needs. Let’s dive into the future of e-commerce – because with BigCommerce, anything is possible.

Synopsis of the Recent BigCommerce Updates

BigCommerce opens opportunities with its latest upgrades, enhancing online shopping experiences. The improvements emphasize streamlining processes and providing more flexibility and customization options.

  • Global sales strategy: Connect with customers around the world and provide fully localized experiences. Utilize new tools that allow seamless communication and interaction with international clientele. Manage these efforts from a single, centralized backend, streamlining your operations and ensuring consistency across all customer touchpoints.
  • Composable storefronts: Create stunning composable storefronts with BigCommerce’s innovative new framework, Catalyst, and visual page editor, Makeswift. The platform empowers businesses to design and customize their online shopping experiences. With Catalyst, you can seamlessly integrate various components to build a unique storefront that reflects your brand identity and captivates customers.
  • Increase your B2B sales: Harness solutions for transfiguring the buyer experience and driving sales through reinforced customization options in BigCommerce’s market-leading B2B Buyer Portal. With their innovative tools, personalize the shopping adventure, allowing tailored products and services to meet their specific needs and preferences.
  • BigAI: With the new suite of AI-powered tools, you can enhance customer engagement, boost average order value, and streamline backend processes with ease. BigCommerce technology allows you to leverage the latest in AI. From personalized recommendations to automated inventory management, BigAI helps drive growth and efficiency across all aspects of your business.
  • Omnichannel marketing: Unlock omnichannel revenue with Feedonomics, the world’s leading full-service feed management platform. With over 300 new channels and powerful capabilities to optimize your existing channels, maximize your reach and drive growth. Expand your presence on popular marketplaces or enhance the performance of your current advertising strategies with Feedonomics.

These latest upgrades from BigCommerce revolutionize how businesses operate, providing innovative solutions tailored towards growth and success.

BigCommerce Partner Collaborations for Amplified Functionality

BigCommerce is about staying ahead in e-commerce, constantly teaming up with partners to enhance functionality. These collaborations bring a new level of tools and services, making it easier than ever for your online store to shine.

  • Payment Partners: When selecting the right payment provider for your business, a wide array of options is necessary. You will have access to over 65 pre-integrated online payment solutions that cater to 230 countries and support over 140 currencies. This ensures you are able to provide a seamless and convenient payment experience no matter the location and currency.
  • BigAI Partners: Your organization can accelerate its workforce to unprecedented levels of creativity, collaboration, and productivity. With tools powered by BigAI™ technology, your team will have the ability to innovate faster and work more efficiently. Leveraging advanced AI capabilities empowers employees to streamline, automate, and unlock opportunities for growth.
  • Software and Platforms: BigCommerce partners with Vercel, a leading platform for hosting Next.js applications. This collaboration enhanced Catalyst and elevated it as the fastest and most powerful starting point for online stores. Vercel’s Frontend Cloud hosting capabilities have made it easier for businesses to deploy storefronts quickly and efficiently.

These collaborations open up endless possibilities for small businesses and entrepreneurs planning to scale their online presence without breaking a sweat. With access to cutting-edge tools and resources through these partnerships, growing your online store becomes exciting!

How BigCommerce Updates Benefit Business Trades

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for tools to make e-commerce succeed. BigCommerce updates offer enhanced functionality and user-friendly features that cater to specific needs.

Create with no Complexity

Catalyst and Makeswift solutions are revolutionizing modern, composable e-commerce website builds. With Catalyst, developers can increase their development pace without compromising quality. This is achieved through a streamlined GraphQL API client that is optimized for Next.js and React Server Components. Additionally, Makeswift simplifies front-end content management, making it easier to encourage engagement.

Artificial Intelligence

Allow AI to accomplish most ambitious shopping experience goals that elevate engagement, conversion, and revenue. Advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities personalize transactions for individual customers, leading to increased loyalty. Through predictive and real-time data analysis, brands can optimize their marketing strategies and product offerings.

Maximize B2B Sales

With innovative BigCommerce features now available for single and multi-storefronts, businesses can effortlessly tailor their purchasing journey to cater to different markets and regions, ultimately enhancing the overall buying experience for their customers. Localizing the B2B process effectively connects with clients in various locations, ensuring that each transaction is personalized and streamlined. 

These updates simplify operations and drive growth opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to establish a strong online presence. Moreover, embrace integrations with third-party apps and plugins for added functionality. 

Why Consider Using BigCommerce for Your Online Store

BigCommerce has truly solidified its position in the e-commerce industry, bestowing innovative solutions to help businesses thrive online. With its recent updates and strategic collaborations, BigCommerce continues to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs.

These changes have brought about enhanced functionality, improved UX, and advanced features catering to the evolving needs of online retailers. Partner collaborations have further enriched the BigCommerce ecosystem, integrating complementary services and tools that enhance your store’s performance.

Leveraging BigCommerce’s new and improved features and partner integrations boost efficiency, scalability, and profitability. The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone – regardless of technical knowledge – to create a functioning professional-looking online store that drives results.

If you’re looking to stay ahead in e-commerce, contact us for our BigCommerce Services at Always Open Commerce. Our Certified BigCommerce developers will work with you in integrating all the tools you need to revolutionize your digital storefront and elevate your brand presence in online retail. Embrace innovation with BigCommerce today!

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