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In BigCommerce, seamless integration between B2B and B2C is only a few clicks away. Businesses need an e-commerce platform that can effortlessly bridge the gap between these two essential facets today.

BigCommerce is a powerful solution that facilitates smooth transactions and transforms how companies engage with their customers. Whether you’re an expanding wholesaler or a retailer enhancing your online presence, this platform is all you need.

Unlock endless possibilities as we dive into how BigCommerce simplifies B2B and B2C integration!

BigCommerce and How Do You Work it?

BigCommerce is a malleable e-commerce platform that’s used to create, customize, and manage your business. It has tools and features that streamline the entire process of operating an online store.

E-Commerce Solution

It’s an e-commerce solution that offers a wide range of features, including product catalog management, order and inventory management, payment processing, and shipping and tax calculations. It integrates with over 100 global payment gateways for secure transactions in multiple currencies.

Personalized Models

Personalized models suit the needs of every business, and customers can opt for self-hosting, managed hosting, or dedicated hosting. BigCommerce contains marketing tools, such as website analytics and email campaigns for reaching target demographic.


BigCommerce was made with a user-friendly interface that allows non-technical users to build beautiful and functional websites. With its drag-and-drop editor and customizable templates, you can effortlessly design your storefront, reflecting your brand’s identity.

Cloud Functions

It functions in the cloud,  meaning that you don’t need to install any software on your computer. The shop data is securely banked in the cloud, accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

Registering and setting up your store with BigCommerce is far from complicated. After account creation, you will choose a domain and provide basic information about your business. Then you can start building your store!

The Benefits of BigCommerce

BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of benefits for businesses.

Design Features

There are many design features that make creating a visually appealing, and user-friendly website straightforward. BigCommerce has built-in themes explicitly planned for e-commerce sites. You can effortlessly add videos, images, and other multimedia elements to boost engagement.

Reasonable Pricing

Reasonable pricing is another benefit of BigCommerce. A basic plan starts at $29.95/month, a cost-effective choice for small and medium businesses. The platform offers features such as product reviews, customer segmentation, and abandoned cart saver, making it simpler to tailor your store to your customers’ preferences.

Sell Everywhere

Sell everywhere, connect to your customers and manage your store easily with BigCommerce. It is a secure, scalable, and reliable platform. BigCommerce helps you maximize your online sales and grow your business.

Analytics Tools

BigCommerce offers comprehensive analytics tools that provide valuable insights into customer behavior and sales performance. You can analyze data such as order history, abandoned carts, and much more. This information helps you make decisions about marketing strategies, sales promotions, and product offerings to boost revenue growth.

BigCommerce for B2B Integration

Businesses continuously pursue methods to simplify their operations and improve customer experiences. BigCommerce is one solution that is gaining traction, a platform that facilitates seamless integration between businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C).

1. Enterprise Resource Planning: BigCommerce enables businesses to quickly and easily integrate their ERP systems. This provides the ability to manage inventory, pricing, and ordering in one place. 

2. Customer Relationship Management: BigCommerce also provides integration with a variety of CRM systems, allowing businesses to keep track of customer data and streamline sales processes. 

3. Product Information Management: BigCommerce can be used to connect with PIM systems. This enables easy management of product data, keeping it up to date across all channels. 

4. Order & Shipping Management: Efficiently manage orders and shipping directly from the BigCommerce platform. The Order Management System (OMS) feature allows businesses to easily track orders from start to finish, ensuring that orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately.

5. Payment Processing: Finally, BigCommerce facilitates secure payment processing with its integrated payment gateways. This ensures that customers have a safe and secure checkout experience. 

With the help of BigCommerce’s robust API, businesses can unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

BigCommerce for B2C Models

BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform devised for businesses marketing products and services to consumers (B2C). The platform supplies the necessary tools for building, managing, and growing their online presence.

Direct Seller

BigCommerce makes it easy for businesses to become direct sellers. The platform allows merchants to produce professional storefronts with features such as product catalogs and shopping carts. Merchants can customize their store with themes and templates. Integrated payment processing, shipping integration, inventory management, and order tracking tools are offered.

Marketplace Seller

Merchants can list products on popular marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. With the platform’s built-in marketplace integrations, merchants can connect their store to multiple marketplaces, allowing access to a larger customer base, generating more revenue.

Drop Shipping Provider

BigCommerce enables merchants to quickly set up drop shipping operations with its integrated dropshipping feature. Merchants can add products from third-party suppliers into their store and have them shipped directly to customers, eliminating the need for warehousing and other overhead costs. 

Why BigCommerce is the Best Choice for Businesses

With BigCommerce, businesses can monitor multiple channels all in one place. This is a time-saver, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Using BigCommerce lets you facilitate seamless integration between B2B and B2C operations. Whether it’s selling to other businesses or directly to consumers, BigCommerce allows you to customize pricing structures and payment options accordingly. You can set up different customer groups with unique pricing tiers for wholesale customers while offering a personalized shopping experience for retail customers.

Furthermore, BigCommerce offers built-in marketing tools such as SEO optimization features and social media integrations. This helps businesses reach a wider audience online and drive more traffic to their websites. The platform also supports various third-party integrations like CRM systems and email marketing platforms for enhanced customer relationship management.

Its comprehensive features, simplicity of use, and flexibility to catering B2B and B2C operations sets it apart from the competition. With BigCommerce, businesses can be certain they have chosen the right platform to grow their online presence and succeed.Our dedicated team of BigCommerce certified developers, excellent designers, and expert product data managersAOC will guide you in migrating or setting up your online store now!

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